Reblog: Mission 89: Two 100th Birthdays

From Janine Strange, National Anthem Girl
david hoffman
Mission 89 part 1: Earle’s 100th A note from his friend:  Earle Kask was born in Chicago, City, MN in 1923. He signed up with the USN at the Minneapolis Courthouse in 1941 but wasn’t called-up until 1942. He served from 1942-1948, first as a Seaman and then after completing pilot training, serving as a Pilot, he was promoted to Ensign. At the end of and after WWII, he flew the PBY amphibious airplane on Search and Rescue and logistical missions and was stationed and flew throughout the Pacific including Hawaii, the Philippines, Saipan and Enewetak Atoll. After the war, he made his home in the St Paul. MN area where he raised his family and was married to the late Freya for 66 years. There was a glut of pilots after the war, so he became a meat cutter at Swift Meats until they closed their local plant in 1969 and then he went to work at Harmon Glass as a glass installer, until he retired. Until age 90, Earle enjoyed fishing, particularly ice fishing, and deer hunting. He was a world class-agate hunter and continued to do that well into his 90s.
Mailing Address: Pam Benson
Attn: Earle Kask
1453 Hwy N
Roberts, WI 54023 Birthday: 4/5 Send in time to arrive in WI by 4/3 : Earle’s 100th birthday is April 5, 2023. His family will present all the cards to him on that day. Feel free to send early!

david hoffman
Mission 89 part 2:

Elwood’s 100th

A note from his niece:  Elwood Umbenhauer’s hometown is Pottsville, PA. His time in the service started in St. Mere Eglise, France; he was in an ordinance attached to the 8th Air Force, 406th fighter bomber group, 512 squadron. They then moved to Belgium and various parts of Germany, moving often to avoid detection. One remarkable mission was when he helped make an airstrip at Normandy 2 weeks after D-Day. He finished as a corporal. Left photo is from when he was serving, he is sitting on bombs that they would fuse and load on planes! 

Mailing Address:

Emma Bertsch
Attn: Elwood Umbenhauer
9 Eastwood Lane
Pottsville, PA 17901

Birthday: 4/15

Send in time to arrive in PA by 4/13 : Elwood’s 100th birthday is April 15, 2023. His family will present all the cards to him on that day. Feel free to send early! 

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