We’ve Waited Three Months for the Return of Winter

Mother Nature has been messing with us
She gave us a right jab of winter
when the Polar Vortex visited
over Christmas weekend
then she withheld another blow
through most of January and February
as the daylight lengthened
and temperatures continued
to average 10-20 degrees 
above normal

Finally when the optimists 
thought Winter may have missed us
and trees, flowers, and bushes
bloomed earlier than ever,
a scant sprinkling of measurable snow fell,
as did the temperatures for more than a week.
Fruit crops are in danger for the next two nights.

Despite what the calendar and equinox say,
Spring will officially arrive today where  that night
may be the death knell for many a tender peach blossom.

Child’s Peach Orchard, Crozet, VA on 18 March 2023, I have heard that the blossoms may be protected from frost if they are encased in ice before they freeze.
Judas or Red Bud trees from a previous year

34 thoughts on “We’ve Waited Three Months for the Return of Winter”

  1. We have messed with nature, and now it’s her turn to play truant. Here we didn’t enjoy spring, as summer set in, but now it has started raining. Don’t know which season we are in.

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  2. It does sound dire, Kaushal. California has gone from extreme drought to extreme flood in less than 6 months because of a winter that was predicted to be cool and dry. I fear for the upcoming fire season because the rain and melting snow pack will fuel a lot of undergrowth this spring. I hope the planet finds a way to re-balance itself.


  3. Spring! That extra hour of daylight that DST gave us didn’t do much to melt thw 2 feet of snow on the ground. I don’t think the below freezing temps of the coming days will help either.


  4. Don, your winters are way more severe than I am able to deal with at this point. I used to live in Newport, RI and because of our coastal location, our snows did not get to the level of MN. Hope Spring arrives before June…


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