Buddy Has a Daughter

On a bright, chilly Saturday morning our ride through the country side included a stop at Wyant’s Store. We had not seen Buddy in over two weeks. He was standing alone in the front pasture, waiting for anyone to admire him (and feed him if he were lucky.)

Bob hee-hawed and Buddy immediately trotted over to the fence, braying his raspy hee-haw. He followed Bob along the fence line to where I could take a picture of him being fed. Buddy ate the first two uncooked sweet potato cubes before he decided they were not to his liking.

Bob went into Wyant’s Store in search of news about Holly and Buddy’s new foal and to find something that Buddy might like better.

While Bob was in the store, Buddy split his time between being petted by me and hoping that somebody getting in or out of a vehicle might come over to the fence with better food than uncooked sweet potatoes.

“You know the drill, Buddy. We’ll reopen the chow line as soon as Bob returns with dessert.”

“I want attention now. Food is better than a pet but a lonely donkey will have to make do with whatever is available. I’m a huge media star and I do have expectations.”

Bob returned with news and two type of cookies. “Holly has had a girl, but the lady inside did not know her name.”

“Do we want to give Buddy the sugar cookies or the chocolate chips?”

“He can have the sugar cookies today.”

We each tasted a small bite of a sugar cookie to make sure they were good enough for Buddy. They were. He gobbled both of them, eyeballing the second cookie before he swallowed the first one.

46 thoughts on “Buddy Has a Daughter”

  1. Thank you, Pat, for the adorable surprise! My goodness, that beautiful face is so kissable!! I don’t know how you two can eat Buddy’s sugar cookies?! Give it to him all and more, he is a STAR! My congratulations on Buddy becoming a father, she is no doubt, beautiful too! Pictures?
    Give him my love, please.
    Thank you again, Pat, deeply appreciated!


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  2. GP, last year when Emmett was born, there was a large influx of people to see four donkeys and three goats. Many of the people, especially children, did not know how to feed the animals so many fingers were nipped by the donkeys. The goats were daintier about what they chomped. Now we’ll be down to three donkeys once Holly and her daughter join Buddy in front pasture.


  3. Such a cute story in showing love, care and acknowledgement for the donkey.

    It is nice to cater to them (animals) and try to make them happy and comfortable as they are living creatures who matter too.

    Great story told with light-heartedness.

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