Arpeggios of Pain

They ripple along my leg
Treble notes of rubbed skin
that whisper around the ankle
with throbbing base notes
near the inside of my knee
Occasionally they consolidate
into  Beethovenesque
chords thundering from
hip to toe.
pounding every nerve
Arpeggios or chords
often music of the night
when there is nowhere
left to hide
and sleep keeps
receding into the future.

41 thoughts on “Arpeggios of Pain”

  1. I, too, feel your pain. My neuropathy wakes me several times a night. It reminds me that yes, my legs are there and no, they no longer feel young and sprightly. Mine do not play arpeggios, but perhaps I have just not been listening as well as you have.

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      1. It has its ups and downs, like any age I’ve experienced, but this is not one of the ups. May the high points continue to outweigh the low ones for you.

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