Holly and Buddy Proudly Introduce You to Vroman

On a cloudy March Friday morning , we made the trek out to Wyant’s Store. Bob had cooked a sweet potato and we wanted to see if that suited Buddy’s delicate palate better than the raw ones he spat out last week. Bob gave several of his best hee-haws; when there was not sign of Buddy, he went into the store for news.

While he was in there, one of the ladies who works in the store, got out her car. She told me that Buddy was banished to the back pasture after he tried to bust through a fence to get to Holly and and the new foal. Buddy was horny for Holly.

As if Buddy knew we were talking about him, we heard his raspy bray from the back pasture.

Shortly after she went into the store, Bob came out with news and fresh cookies. Renee Wyant who was working in the store had told him that what we had heard was a filly was actually a colt named Vroman or Broman (guessing on the spelling and pronunciation). Renee also sent him two pictures of the Holly and Vroman/Broman, which are featured below.

We ate two of the cookies, since there was no donkey to feed,

Hopefully on a future visit, we can get pictures of the entire Donkey family.

7 thoughts on “Holly and Buddy Proudly Introduce You to Vroman”

  1. PS. As you are so fond of sugar cookies , and the cooked sweet potato wasn’t waisted either, perhaps it would be prudent, Pat, to check the size of your ears!



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