Finally, a WordPress “Improvement” I Like

Many of us have had mixed experiences with WordPress improvements. Today, I found one that I like.

WordPress Spam Filter is mostly a good thing. Irregularly it puts a the wrong comment in the spam filter or misses an obvious one, but overall, it does a decent job. My complaint was only being able to delete 20 at a time using bulk edit. I never found a way to increase the limit. Today when I went to delete my 94 spam comments, I found a new button.

The red Empty Spam button was now available next to bulk edit. I clicked on the Empty Spam button and got

Although it was slow to empty to the 94 spam messages, when I tried with just a single spam message it emptied immediately.

Now that is one improvement I can live with!

10 thoughts on “Finally, a WordPress “Improvement” I Like”

  1. My pleasure, Kaushal. My only complaint is a self inflicted wound when I obliviously added a page of approved comments to the list of spam comments that were all deleted and beyond retrieval. πŸ˜₯


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