Buddy Had More Important Things on His Mind than Food

On a beautiful warm Sunday, enroute to a local winery, we made a detour past Wyant’s Store which is closed on Sundays. We were pleasantly surprised to see Buddy standing midfield with his back towards us.

Bob hee-hawed and Buddy ambled up to the fence without braying back. He followed Bob along the fence line to eat the left over cooked (now cold) sweet potatoes that we were not able to feed him a few days earlier because he had been exiled to the back pasture.

He ate them without his usual enthusiasm, which was still an improvement over spitting them out like he did the raw sweet potatoes. Once or twice, he even turned his back on us to look towards the back pasture.

As soon as the sweet potatoes were finished, so was his interest in being fed by us. I don’t know if he realized that the store was closed so there would be no dessert, or if his interest in the back pasture was stronger.

As soon as he was finished eating, he began galloping and braying toward the back pasture fence. My guess he that he was lovesick (aka horny) for Holly.

29 thoughts on “Buddy Had More Important Things on His Mind than Food”

    1. Joanna, If you remember correctly, Buddy was confined to the back pasture so it was not possible to feed him anything. You are implying something that was not possible. Glad you enjoyed today’s essay.


    1. Thanks, Kaushal. With Buddy it is not that difficult and I’ve been studying his behavior for over a year. Plus I have already seen him with Holly last year with Emmett. Humans are usually not that transparent (but there are exceptions.)

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          1. Thank you, Pat, for pointing it out. It’s really so. I have a cat lover friend, and have seen how her cats behave. πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

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  1. David kept them separated for 6 months last year to give her a break. Too bad one of them can’t be fixed, but then there would be no cute foal. He is a jackass with his approach to the jennies. Thanks for commenting, JM.

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