Kaushal has eloquently expressed what many of us may have thought in passing. His beautiful photographs enhance the words.

Kaushal Kishore

People add mathematics,
physics, chemistry, biology,
history, civics and geography
to simple life to make it complicated, confusing and incomprehensible…

People lose
their precious moments of life
in the maze of useless machinations,
thus losing the smile somewhere
along the way
to be strangers among the loved ones…

But there are strangers
who made me their own,
our constitution says,
we are one in some respects,
but we are not in many respects…

It’s okay
if someone doesn’t respond
to my nice gestures and wishes,
their behavior may be
their own problem, not mine…

Why should I waste my precious time
trying to figure out
where all the dirt has gone,
it’s more satisfying
that I have got all the dirt off…

I don’t know
what kind of day a day makes for me,
I don’t consult a sage or zodiac sign
about myself,
but I do close my eyes…

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