When Life throws you a curve ball
How do you respond?
Do you try to retaliate
Or rise above and beyond?

Despite what you think
You do have a choice.
Show by your actions
and the use your voice.

When I was working, I had a good friend who often elected to laugh rather than get upset when something went wrong. I was amazed at her ability to not get angry under circumstances that had me going. Although she could have a red-headed temper if provoked, she elected not to respond that way on many occasions. Often we can choose how we will respond to provocation.

I once was ambushed by another employee who accused me of things of that were more a figment of his imagination than things that actually happened. Since I was dumbfounded by what was going on, I let him rant and ramble without comment. The longer his outburst lasted the less plausible it sounded. By my saying nothing, he did himself more harm than if I had stopped his monologue by trying to defend myself.

For me, both of these were learning experiences that we can choose how we respond and some responses produce better results than others.

How will you choose?

30 thoughts on “Choices”

          1. I know it works as it is logical and wise. I discarded only one part of the mantra as I don’t agree with, and that is “never apologise”.

            I even say sorry to a chair when I bump accidently in it.


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  1. ‘By my saying nothing, he did himself more harm than if I had stopped his monologue by trying to defend myself.’ Had you stopped him, you would have harmed yourself. So your strategy was more appropriate. Good you shared it, Pat.

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  2. Calm, cool, and collected. Bravo, you! It can be difficult to stay silent and let the other person rant, but doing so can prevent the situation from escalating. I learned to count to ten with hs students. That helped me to not react hastily when they were attempting to provoke me.

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    1. Michele, I would think that high school students would be especially challenging when dealing with. This man had worked himself up into a state that by the end of his rant, even he realized that maybe some of his statements were exaggerated.

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