Guest Poem: No Cows Today by Rolig Loon

In honor of  Poetry Month, I have invited a few friends to contribute poems, with a brief biography and a picture. Rolig is the first to respond.

 She draws the curtain
Peers through the pane and
With her magical eye
Wonders if the sky would rather be cerulean

And if the ancient oak should be instead
A farmyard elm, ringed by daisies
And maybe a cow.

That would be nice.
Cows are nice.

Everyone likes cows.

But she has done cows, and having done them,
Should move on.
She chuckles softly …. Moooves on.
No cow.

So much choice,
So many possibilities.
She frames the day and fills them in.
Line upon line,
Color into form,
Shadow and light.
One at a time. 

No cow. 

It is her window, after all,
Until she opens it.

Rolig Loon is a friend of mine from Second Life. I only know her through her avatar, named Rolig Loon.

Rolig’s Biography: I have been a parent, an educator, a writer, a chemist, a homeowner, an administrator, and a scripter/programmer, among other things and in no particular order. On line, I have no real presence. I am not a real person, after all. Or, more correctly, I am no more real than you are. I have my own impression of myself as a worldly, witty, yet calm person. Hence, my avatar name, Rolig. In Swedish, “rolig” means “funny,” as in a funny story. In Danish, the same word means “calm”. For me, both reflect the aspiration that is the inner me. What anyone else sees is beyond me but I suspect falls well short of what I hope for. But then, as they say,that’s life.

Rolig’s photo : “photo” that shows two sides of me but is a fiction because it’s an AI reconstruction of the RL me, working backwards from my SL avatar. (I ought to get points for double obfuscation.)

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