Janine’s Mission 93: 4 MORE BIG Birthdays

I remember when we used to have only one birthday celebration every 4-6 weeks, but now it seems we have multiple birthdays to celebrate every month.

After missions are complete, families usually send us photos of their veterans with big smiles, proudly showing the cards they received. Scroll all the way down on this email to see some recent pics. I also post them on my facebook, instagram, and twitter page – so make sure you’re following along on your favorite platform!  There are a number of photos from past missions here as well. 

To share a veteran’s birthday, kindly send an email with at least 6-8 weeks notice to be included in the mailing list. If there’s less notice, I will try my best to post it on Facebook. –From Janine’s email.

19 thoughts on “Janine’s Mission 93: 4 MORE BIG Birthdays”

      1. I have enough cards for this mission, but I left a note in my store:” Dear Card Vendor, Please fill more military cards, especially for birthdays! Thank you.”

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