A quip is a witty remark.  E-Quips (think e-books or email) is hopefully a witty blog.  In many ways, this is an on-line journal.  I cover a variety of topics that interest me.  They include word play, libraries, hints on writers and writing, thoughts on nature, military/veterans,  book reviews, and re-blogs on some of these same topics.  I’ve begun adding poetry in the past  couple years, writing a poem a day during National Poetry Month in April.

English is an odd language.  We have homonyms, synonyms, antonyms-words that sound alike but are not spelt alike (here and hear), words that have the same spelling but have different meanings (right and wrong, right and left), words that are similar but not exact (look and see) and words that mean the opposite of each other (good and bad).  We also have cliches (good as gold), stereotypes (runs like a girl), and sayings (over yonder).  It’s a wonderful language to explore.

Most people think of libraries as a collection of books.   Cities and towns have libraries so do universities and colleges.  Did you know that companies, churches, hospitals, courts, the military, and the government also have libraries? Some wineries even have library wines (but you can not check them out normally).  Many of those libraries have unique  materials.  Sometimes this blog will feature stories about libraries you may never have heard of and why they are unique.

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy sharing this with you.