Reflections on Joy

The most recent two-hour offsite at church centered on Thanksgiving and Joy.

The swirling, twirling joys
lift and settle on 
the sun-driven breeze
of this golden fall day.

The soaring wooden beams
of the vaulted ceiling
soar heavenwards
with the  sighs and prayers
of praise and adoration
from the boon of
time and fellowship.

Individuals voluntarily joined
to lift, thoughts
and intentions
to thank God
for today
and hopefully everyday.

Second Poem

Pilgrim seeking God's joy
on a path strew with
Jesus prayers.
and monkey minds.
Some lift up.
Some trip up.
High-stepping, shuffling
seeking, searching
sighting glimpses
of God's joy
appearing and disappearing
like sunbeams on 
a cloudy day. 

A Mutual Inclination

I wanted to hike
but the body declined
I wanted to study
but not so, the mind
I wanted to relax
and the chair so inclined
The only agreeable thing
I could find.

I knew a master chief petty office that said, “It now takes all night to do what I used to do all night.”

Besides THAT, is there anything else from your younger days that you miss no longer being able to do or do without having to decide if it is worth the effort?

  • Easily getting up and down off the floor
  • Carrying heavy groceries in from the car
  • Running up and down stairs
  • Staying up past 8 or 9 pm
  • What’s on you list ?

November 16 is National Fast Food Day and National Check Your Wipers Day

You may want to check your wipers on the way to your favorite Fast Food restaurant.

  • Merriam-Webster dictionary first recognized the term “fast food” in 1951
  • Fun fact: The first Happy Meal was served in June of 1979.

Q. Which is faster, drive-thru or walking in?
A. Much of it depends on the time of day. During busy lunch and dinner hours, the line of cars might stretch to the street and it is probably quicker to go in to order at a fast-food restaurant. However, during slower times, the drive-thru will beat the lobby almost every time. Additionally, most restaurants have their drive-thru systems down to a science, shaving off the time it takes to complete an order and increasing the number of customers served through the drive-thru.

The Mindfulness of Stained Glass

In our most recent 2-hour onsite retreat, we used Lectio Divina as a meditation tool. “In Lectio Divina, the chosen spiritual text is read four times in total, giving an opportunity to think deeply about it and respond thoughtfully. When we practice Lectio Divina, we can imagine we’re actually involved in the events of Scripture — for example, hearing God’s words to the Israelites in the desert. It’s an intensely personal experience.” An explanation included the word stained glass, which was the word that shimmered for me.

Metallic forms
keep blown glass in shape
Translucent colors
decipher light
into shapes
wondrous and magical
Teaching us things
only our hearts may know

Twinkle Twinkle Little Troll

I heard some elected officials tonight share some of the death threats that trolls have made against their homes, children (identified by name), and other family members. Brave, brave anonymous trolls

Twinkle Twinkle little troll
safely hidden in your hole
making death threads at some kids.
Have you finally flip you lids?
Are you so brave by light of day
or do you simply wither away?

Twinkle twinkle little troll
what did the devil pay for your soul?
Did you exchange your bravery
for social media slavery?
Do you believe the lies you spread
that the children you target are better dead?

How Showing Up Became My Super Power

When I was in high school, I only missed one day in four years–my stepmother had just had her third child, my grandmother had a stroke and I had to stay home to babysit a half brother and sister. I already knew that being at school was better than being a stay-at-home babysitter.

At college, I did cut a few classes, but never enough to miss an assignment or a test.

Four years after graduation from college, I did take a break from working full time to attend library school, where I worked part time and attended school full time. Library school was two summers and one year; it was the last year before the University of Washington began its two-year Master of Librarianship program. I was married by this time and my husband supported my desire to become a librarian. Fortunately, his ship was sent to the shipyard in Seattle. We lived in government quarters and got in-state tuition (both helped make graduate school a debt-free experience).

After graduation, I worked a series of part time jobs as a substitute librarian for San Diego Public Library, a substitute library technician for San Diego County Library, and a substitute librarian/teacher for the San Diego Unified School District.

When we moved to Athens, GA, I was a substitute teacher for a teacher who had to unexpectedly take a temporary leave of absence because of a problem pregnancy.

Next, we moved to Norfolk, Virginia where I worked as a librarian for a Defense contractor before getting my first federal librarian job, first as a temporary and then in a permanent position. I got each of these jobs because I showed up every day and found ways to expand what the job could entail.

By developing a strong reputation for reliability, hard work and imagination I was fortunate to never have a break in service or experience a civil service downgrade when moving to a new city when my husband got orders. I was also active in professional library associations (both SLA and ALA).

The downside was that I was frequently tasked with other duties as assigned, which provided me an opportunity to show a willingness to work with others, flexibility when accomplishing tasks outside my area of expertise, and the probability of success when temporary promotion opportunities became available.

My goal was to run a post library, which I accomplished in five years. After that I transferred to the National Defense University which gave me experience in academic libraries. I was able to switch from running one type of library to becoming a systems librarian and eventually leading the section that oversaw both systems and technical services (cataloging, acquisitions, and serials management).

After retirement and relocation from Washington DC to San Diego, I was fortunate enough to become a volunteer for the USS Midway(CV-41) Research Library where I was once again able to create a niche for myself by combining what they needed with some ideas of my own.

Showing up and being flexible in what you are willing and/or able to do can be a winning combination. You never know what job skill or experience that you pick up may be the winning combination for a future opportunity.

Sounds of the Labyrinth

Recently I attended a retreat where we walked a cloth Labyrinth. We were asked to be silent while everyone was walking the Labyrinth. These were the only sounds to be heard.

The bell chimes in ever diminishing vibrations
as each supplicant approaches the Labyrinth.
A deferential bob of the head
silently shows respect for the 
Living God.

The only sounds are the shuffle of socks on the Labyrinth cloth path,
the soft swish of pants legs sliding past each other,
the quiet tap of one man’s cane
as he draws closer to the center
step by slow-measured step.

The procession pauses as people
stack up in the middle, 
exchanging silent head bobs
as the Labyrinth bends and spirals 
in a reverse direction,
creaking wood floors 
and cloth whispering on wood as
people step silently aside for another to pass.

A pause in  the Labyrinth’s center,
hand over heart
to feel/sense/receive
the Labyrinth’s gift.
A bow of reverence before
whispering, tapping, shuffling
back along the white path
on the sky-blue field.

The exit chime rings longer
and stronger as each
walker brings some of the
Labyrinth’s power
out with her or him.

“Meditation Labyrinth” by aperte is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Hunter’s Moon is October 20, 2021

When the full moon shines so bright
'Causing most everyone delight
Except the hunted, remaining out  of sight

Moonlight makes orange the eyes
Exposing the camouflage disguise
And that is where the danger lies

Headlights create similar alarm
An accident can also cause great harm
Along a road or near some farm

So when the moon is riding high
Watch out for reflections in an animal's eye
If you see it you know they are nearby.

Reblog: Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a physical way to provide White Space for the Body.

From the post , “Every Yoga pose has a specific purpose and perspective. In Yoga, the intensity of the actions is felt inwards rather than outwards. That is why most Yoga classes start with slow movements. It’s like taking a moment from the busy/noisy world and pause to think before reacting.”

Merry Morning Mist-eries

The soft misty morning
enticed the rest of me
outdoors when I stuck
my nose out to test the temperature.

Happy preschoolers giggled
as they placed chase
with the ragged umbrella
that had previously
sheltered them when they
plunked merrily
 on  the wet grass.

Liquid-throated birds
warbled in trees
during my explorations around the block.

Three squirrels played
ring-around  the tree trunk
as a brown oak leaf
slowly helicoptered to the pavement.

The humidity held
a trace of damp earth
and  refreshed, happy greenery.

Accumulated plunks from
tree limbs dotted
my t-shirt but the
mist left no trace
except on
my hair, memories
and attitude.

Cacophony at the Coffee Shop

Shrill shrieks of the high school girls
Bass thrum of the blower
Clanging crash of coffee cups on table tops
Relentless waves of conversation ebbing and flowing
Repetitive hacking and hiccuping from the old man behind me
Clinking silverware slapped down on tables
Banging of pots from the kitchen
Snatches of songs from cell-phone rings
Clip clops of the waitress's sensible shoes as she moves from table to table
The peaceful roar of traffic as I exit the coffee shop

Is It Hypocricy When Your Covid Standards are Stronger Where Family is Involved?

Insists with

You predicted that COVID would be over by Election Day. Yet you followed COVID-protocols shortly thereafter when visiting an immuno-compromised relative.

You refuse to wear a mask unless mandated by your job. And do not comply when it is merely recommended.

Vaccines are for fools.

COVID is a government excuse to take away your freedoms.

Pan DEM ic and Dems are not a coincidence.

All of those medical workers across the United States that plead with people to please take COVID precautions are not speaking the truth. But if you have a medical emergency, they will take care of you.

You’d rather take a horse pill than human medicine to help defeat the virus.