WordPress Removes Useful Info with Its Cleaner Layout

On April 20, I noticed that WordPress had a new layout for comments.

We also lose that capability when somebody likes a post.

I like being able to check out the post of somebody who likes one of my posts or who comments. Sometimes they are first-time visitors or people who come by infrequently.

This is a blogger I do not recall visiting before. I tried to Google the only information that is provided and could not find a blog site to see if this is a blogger I might enjoy following. I did find it in Reader but I don’t habitually use Reader and hate having WordPress dictate what I must do to find something.

Yes, I do fall into the trap that if you like one of my posts, especially if you also comment, I will try to reciprocate and check out your post. Some of the blogs I visit are not necessarily ones that I want to follow, but I like them well enough to drop by and reciprocate.

WordPress, please us give back the additional info. Sometimes a cleaner look is not really an improvement if you have stripped away useful information. Do you prefer the old look or the cleaner new look?


Retreat: an act of moving back or withdrawing.

Sometimes we all need to retreat–maybe a strategic withdrawal for the sake of ourselves, our families or jobs, the institutions we support, the beliefs we hold sacred.

We're not giving up
we're not giving in
We're exploring fresh ways
to advance 
our thoughts,
honing in on what is essential
what is important
and what is extraneous.

When it all seems overwhelming
it is time to withdraw
and focus the light
where it seems the darkest.
What do the colors of
your prism reveal?

Painting the Trim with Sunshine and Glass

Stained glass pattern, just add sun
When the sun slants in through the window just so
the stained glass puts on a colorful show
decorating the walls with color and swirls
some lines are straight and others are curls
Some patterns crisp like geometric design
Others soft images, both look quite fine
A gift from the sun for those in the pews
If the sermon is boring, you can come for the views.


Gender blending

At the gym today, I saw a trim, older man climbing out of the jacuzzi. His pecs had started to sag and had begun to look like moobs.

Have you noticed that as we age and start to lose muscle tone and firmer skin, we begin to look more like each other? Our hair thins and grays, our shapes shift and soften, as our ability to do most things easily declines. (Who would have thought that getting up off the floor would count as exercise and leave you huffing?)

She starts plucking hair on her chin and if particularly hair suit may have her chin waxed. The hair on her legs becomes sparser than the hair on his head. Each holds out hoping that the other will get up first. You become nostalgic for the capabilities you still had a few years earlier.

Declining eyesight is a mixed blessing–you can not clearly see that your looks are withering, but hopefully not your mind or sense of humor. Cheaters become stronger and get to the point where they may no longer help.

You become much noisier–popping joints, snoring, having your phone set to a louder volume so you do not miss a text, phone call, or email, entertaining the world with the randomness of your thoughts as you vocally analyze things that pass through your head.

Bedtime arrives earlier with the passage of time. Seven goes from being the normal dinner time to being the normal bedtime.

Your definition of fun may change to how much effort it requires. Distance is measured by how far away the nearest bathroom (preferably with a tall boy toilet) is.

Clothing requirements change from does it look good to is it easy to get on and off?

What you may lose in height you may gain in weight.

Cars That Go Bump

There once was a girl in a car
who did not get to drive very far
while trying to turn
she had to re-learn
that stopped vehicles, her progress will bar.

Dedicated to the teenager that did not look ahead at the stopped vehicles ahead of her, when she was too preoccupied trying to make a left into a busy gas station to get something to eat. The good news is that nobody was hurt; the bad news is that three vehicles now need varying levels of repair.

Just found out the insurance company totaled the car because it would cost more to repair than the 5 year old car was worth.

National Be Heard Day–7 March

Is it really too absurd
when all you want is to be heard
and you know they're ignoring every word?

This is probably one of my pet peeves–saying something and then having some man repeat it multiple minutes later as if it were an original thought. I’m sure women and other marginalized groups would voice the same frustration.

Celebrated March 7, National Be Heard Day is an occasion for small businesses owners and aspiring owners to make their voices heard. The day celebrates small businesses and encourages them to stand up for themselves and their ideas and lay claim to their share of the market. So do you want your business ideas taken seriously? Are you the next Mark Zuckerberg or Oprah Winfrey, but maybe no one knows it yet? Does your business idea blow everything in the App Store out of the water? Use National Be Heard Day as your excuse to draft out that business plan, write that communications strategy, and set the groundwork to get your big ideas heard around the world.

Ironically, that is not what this day is about–so we still are not being heard. 😉

Reblog: I No Longer Pray for Peace

Please see Mary Grace Gibbs DuPree’s info on the icon, misidentified below.)

Believed to be an icon of the Virgin of Vladimir

Reblogged from a Facebook page.

“I No Longer Pray For Peace”

By Ann Weems

On the edge of war, one foot already in,

I no longer pray for peace:

I pray for miracles.

I pray that stone hearts will turn

to tenderheartedness,

and evil intentions will turn

to mercifulness,

and all the soldiers already deployed

will be snatched out of harm’s way,

and the whole world will be

astounded onto its knees.

I pray that all the “God talk”

will take bones,

and stand up and shed

its cloak of faithlessness,

and walk again in its powerful truth.

I pray that the whole world might

sit down together and share

its bread and its wine.

Some say there is no hope,

but then I’ve always applauded the holy fools

who never seem to give up on

the scandalousness of our faith:

that we are loved by God……

that we can truly love one another.

I no longer pray for peace:

I pray for miracles.

– Poem by Ann Weems

Byzantine Orthodox Icon (1132) known as “Our Lady of Kyiv”


You’re Frustrated and Angry–So What Should That Entitle You To?

From the New York Times, “The Morning”, February 15, 2022: “People are frustrated and angry, and those feelings are fueling increases in violent crime, customer abuse of workers, student misbehavior in school and vehicle crashes.”

You have been abused
You stand accused
You've been commanded
to be infused
with vaccine
you'd never choose.

If payback is hell
then what will your's tell
about the days you
were not treated so well?

If vegence is mind saith the Lord
are you now playing God?

According to a Google search, there are 56 Bible verses that deal with Revenge.


The Cabin Off US 340

Picture of a cabin taken off Route 340 in Green County in Central Virginia, a few miles below Shenandoah National Park, taken from the car window
Two-lane US highway
whizzes past your
your sagging frame,
laundry perennially drying
from your front porch

Although I never have time to stop
no place to park anyway
I always have to time
to wonder what tales
you could tell me
as I whiz past you
on my way to somewhere else.

Mad Lad of La Jolla

On the morning of Super Bowl Sunday, we were having breakfast at Harry’s in La Jolla. Harry bills itself as “Simple but revered breakfast menu served all day & an old-school diner decor draw eclectic crowds.” That morning it certainly did.

We were seated in a booth near the end of the restaurant, where the single corridor widens a bit at the end of the counter. The restaurant has two entrances, the front along Girand Street and a back, off an alley, where the diner has a parking lot (which is rare for La Jolla).

A man dressed all in white, including a white lad’s cap, entered from the back. Think of Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka but in a lad’s cap rather than a top hat and you’ll get an idea of what he may have looked like.

He almost skipped along the aisleway, grinning broadly and throwing handfuls of white strips of paper from a brown paper bag. The strips looked like typing paper that had been sliced into one-inch strips of varying lengths by a paper cutter.

Most people smiled as he passed by until they realized that their breakfast plates, juice glasses, and coffee cups had been festooned by short strips of the white paper now covered with butter, bacon grease, syrup puddles, bits of scrambled or fried eggs, coffee and juice splatters, toast crumbs, jelly stains, or whatever else they had been eating.

Paper also hung from hair, jackets, hats, shirts, and laps.

The mad lad disappeared before anyone could halt him to ask “What in the h**k are you thinking?”

One of the waitresses dashed to the front door to see if he was going from store to store, but he had already disappeared.

Managers and waitstaff all rushed to the tables, apologizing for the inconvenience and offering to exchange the now tainted breakfast plates. The restaurant was closed for about 10 minutes, except for outdoor dining on the front patio, as the staff scooped up paper off the tops and seats of the booths, on the floor underneath, and down the single-aisle along the restaurant’s length.

One man, who may have been a member of the family that has owned Harry’s since it opened in 1960, said “I’ve been working here 22 years and I’ve never seen anything like this. At least it wasn’t glitter.”

“Or ticker tape,” I responded.

He grinned as he continued swiping up pieces of paper strips with his hand, “You got that right.”

Full Moon of February, 16 Feb

Do you Hunger for this next full moon?
Are you a Wolf who howls for this Candle light?
Will you even be able to see it 
throught the Snow or Storm?
Will you celebrate during the Chinese Lantern Festival?
or perhaps during Little Purim?
Maybe you celebrate Buddhist All-Saints Day?

Whatever you call or 
however you celebrate it.
hope it provides enough 
light to help you 
find your way home
and leaves you moonstruck.

Peace of the Still Gray Sky

Sometimes a softer glow reveals new insights

The peace of the still gray sky
flows subtlely into the space
softening the features of those awaiting
a signal of God's grace

We are creatures of the light
it affects our mood but dark and bright

But underneath the silver skies
that is where the magic lies
to witness things in a softer glow
it changes perceptions of
what we think we know.