Reblog: We All Scream for Ice Cream

It may be as American as Apple Pie, but in the hot summer, we may prefer the accompanying scoop of ice cream. Read one more way that ice cream was provided to troops in the steamy South Pacific during WWII.


Reblog: Merriam Websters Quiz on Words for Odors.

stinky feetDoes it smell bad in here, or is it just me?

No it smells worse than just you.

“What’s that Smell?!” Merriam-Webster tested readers’ knowledge of “words for odors and such.”

I did not do well on this smelly word quiz.  Top 35 %


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You’ve got 8/14 correct!

(Average: 1861 points)

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Reblog: I Found My American Dream at the Public Library

Come one, come all–the public library is open and available FOR FREE.  Read about one immigrant’s experience at the Public Library.

One of the hardest aspects in the life of an immigrant is not fully belonging anywhere. One foot stays firmly rooted in your country of origin no matter how hard you plant the other one in the host country. Even though I’ve lived in the United States for 24 years, the first thing people ask upon meeting me, courtesy of my accent, is “Where are you from?” And when I go back to Bulgaria, everyone calls me The American. But there is one place where I always feel at home—the library. Any library. Anywhere in the world. The familiar smell of books, the shelves packed with old and new tomes, the friendly staff eager to help.

Taking Books to the People, Part 10: Bokbåte

Sweden and Norway both have floating libraries that take books to citizens on remote islands, twice a year.  The Swedish floating library is called Bokbate while the Norwegian boat is called the Epos.

When the boat docks, residents climb aboard to return books they borrowed during the last visit and check out the library’s newest offerings. The boat carries about 3,000 books, and residents can put in requests ahead of time. The three or four volunteer librarians who take turns working on the ship say that, as you might expect, the latest best-sellers are in high demand.

Reblog: Library hacks

Have you ever wanted to annonymously report someone for being to noisy in a library or wished there was someplace for you (or somebody else) to privately take or make a cellphone call?  What else can you do with wornout library books?  How much do you save when you check out a book rather than buy it?  Read the way these 21 libraries have solved some of life’s library problems.