Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along

Bob was just bobbing around the pool when his wife showed off her new bob haircut.

bob hair cutBob hated it and thought a bobby (named for Sir Robert Peel) should have arrested the hairdresser. (Bobbies were also known as Peelers.)


From Stephen Foster’s”Camptown Races”

Goin’ to run all night
Goin’ to run all day
I bet my money on a bob-tailed nag
Somebody bet on the gray.


From Louis Daniel Armstrong’s “Red Red Robin”

When the red, red robin comes bob, bob, bobbin’ along, along
There’ll be no more sobbin’ when he starts throbbin’ his old sweet song
From Jack and Diane by John Cougar Mellencamp
“Let’s run off behind a shady tree, dribble off those Bobbie Brooks let me do what I please.”
Northern-bob-white-quail-tn1Bobwhites say their name in their call.  “The northern bobwhite, Virginia quail or bobwhite quail is a ground-dwelling bird native to the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. It is a member of the group of species known as New World quails.” from Wikipedia
Bobsled is a popular Olympic winter sport. Bobsleigh or bobsled is a winter sport in which teams of two or four teammates make timed runs down narrow, twisting, banked, iced tracks in a gravity-powered sleigh
bobcat“The bobcat is a North American cat that appeared during the Irvingtonian stage of around 1.8 million years ago. Containing 2 recognized subspecies, it ranges from southern Canada to central Mexico, including most of the contiguous United States,” according to Wikipedia.
Bobby sox are a style of women’s sox folded or gathered at the ankle.  Bobbysoxers were teenage girls in the 1940’s and 50s.
Bobby Sox Softball is an educational organization committed to giving all girls, regardless of race, color, creed, or softball ability, the freedom to explore the game of softball. Team activities instill in them the attributes that will make them better citizens of the United States of America. This exploration takes the form of programs, devoted to excellence, in the areas of Citizenship, Friendship, Leadership, Sportsmanship and Scholarship.



Famous Bobs include comedian Bob Hope, reggae singer Bob Marley, folk singer Bob Dylan, and game show host Bob Barker.


Happy Piña Colada Day

National-Pina-Colada-Day-July-10Piña Colada Day is celebrated on July 10.   In honor of the day, I tried to order one at lunch, but the restaurant did not have a blender so I was reduced to drinking  iced tea.

Rupert Hayes wrote the song, “Escape“, but it is more famously known as the Piña Colada song.

If you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain
If you´re not into yoga, if you have half a brain
If you like making love at midnight, in the dunes of the cape
I’m the love that you’ve looked for, write to me, and escape”

Despite what the bartender at Smoked thought, apparently you can make a piña colada without a blender.  According to Wikipedia, “The piña colada is a sweet cocktail made with rum, coconut cream or coconut milk, and pineapple juice, usually served either blended or shaken with ice. It may be garnished with either a pineapple wedge, maraschino cherry, or both.”

You can also buy some fairly credible pre-made  piña colada mixes.  You can even buy it already frozen, where all you add is the rum.  Mr. and Mrs. T of Bloody Mary mix fame also make a piña colada mix.  (I have not tried the piña colada  mix, but I will vouch for the Bloody Mary mix.)

You can make a virgin  piña colada , by forgoing the rum.

Method 1 Classic Piña Colada
  1. Put the cream of coconut, ice, and pineapple juice in a blender. This drink comes together quickly when you add all the ingredients at once. …
  2. Blend until the ice is crushed. …
  3. Pour it into two glasses. …
  4. Garnish with a pineapple slice and a maraschino cherry. …
  5. Finished.

Be careful if you drink a frozen piña colada.  It is very easy to get a painful brain freeze if you sip it too quickly. (Brain freeze is practically a rite of summer. It happens when you eat ice cream or gulp something ice cold-like a piña coladatoo quickly. The scientific term is sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia, )  According to Google, to get rid of brain freeze, “put down the ice cream cone or cold drink tout de suite, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth, or sip a warmish drink to restore your mouth to a normal temperature.”



Happy Hump Day

Hump Day t-shirtYou may be thinking, “Moron, today is Monday.  Hump Day is not until Wednesday.”  However, it is Hump Day for 2018.  Half a year ago we celebrated New Year’s Day, 2018.  In another half a year, it will be New Year’s Day 2019.

Has the year been what you expected?  Did any of your New Year’s Resolutions make it out of the month of January.  What can you do to make the rest of the year better?  (Each of us defines better in different ways.  Is it being kinder, healthier, richer, more generous?)

Here are 3 recommendations on how to make the rest of 2018 the best it can possibly be:

  1.  Practice random acts of kindness.  It will cost you nothing and will make you and/or somebody else feel better.  Some days, it can be as simple as a smile or taking the time to listen to someone ask or tell you something.
  2.   Be receptive to beauty, kindness, generosity.  Did someone let you merge into a steady stream of traffic?  Did you hear your favorite song on the radio today?  Was the sun, rain, snow, or whatever type of weather you are experiencing touch your heart, soul, or mind?  When someone pays you an unexpected compliment, smile and say thanks.  Don’t wonder what they are up to or why they are wrong.
  3. Remember that all of us are doing the best we can with what we think we know (even the ones we ‘know’ to be misguided.  They are likely thinking the same thing about us.)

Hump Day saying

Reason or Excuse

I owe this concept to a poem that Lawrence Illoc recently posted in his blog  Being Bipolar: Trying to Break the Stigma.  A bipolar blog written by a bipolar.  In his poem, he says that context determines which (reason or excuse) is used and maybe the two are really the same.

reason-no good

I think a common example of this is when we blame the victim for the crime.  If she were not wearing that:

  • short dress
  • heavy make-up
  • tight outfit
  • all of the above

she would not have been sexually assaulted.

If poor people were not

  • lazy
  • stupid
  • drug-users
  • all of the above

they would not be on welfare.

When we fail to pay attention in traffic, it is our nature to blame the pedestrian, the other driver(s), the weather–anyone but ourselves.  The fact that we were trying to pass, reaching for something we dropped (never mind talking on the phone, reading, texting, watching a video or the GPS), is irrelevant to what may have happened.

Sometimes we exercise the proverbial “white lie” because we do not want to do something, attend something, make something, or buy something.   We find excuses like health issues, traffic, previous commitments, electronic failures, etc rather than admit  we just did not want to be bothered.   Most of us do  not want to hurt the feelings of friends or family.  We also have the right to just say no–I’m:  tired, over-committed, not interested, do not care for that type of activity or food, etc.

You have a choice:  Excuse or Reason.  Which will you chose?

Binary options



Cross Words

The Cross has many different meanings–some of them very emotionally charged.

cross at sunsetFor Christians, it’s the symbol of their religion–the sign of the crucifixion.  It appears on tombstones, marriage certificates, church walls and signs, and chains worn around the necks of many of the devout.  Some Christian sects make the sign of the cross while praying.  There are churches in England where Crusaders made cross marks in the wall before heading out to war. For Catholics, rosaries are a form of devotion in which five (or fifteen) decades of Hail Marys are repeated, each decade preceded by an Our Father and followed by a Glory Be.

lacrosseOn a more secular note, Native Americans played a game called Lacrosse. “Lacrosse is a team sport played with a lacrosse stick and a lacrosse ball. Players use the head of the lacrosse stick to carry, pass, catch, and shoot the ball into the goal”  according to Wikipedia.

If you do not know how to sign your name, you make your X or your cross to indicate that you have signed your name.  This is often witnessed by people who can sign their name.

cross--making your x

Crosses cut into the bark of trees were used to mark highways and paths in wilderness areas.  Some of those marks are painted with white or yellow paint to make them stand out.  The crosses are also called Notches and many roads on the East Coast are called Two or Three Notched Road.  From the City of Charlottesville website about Three Notched Road.  Also called Three Chopt Road, this colonial route ran from Richmond to the Shenandoah Valley . It likely took its name from three notches cut into trees to blaze the trail. A major east-west route across central Virginia from the 1730s, it was superseded by Route 250 in the 1930s. Part of Jack Jouett’s famous ride and the Marquis de Lafayette’s efforts to prevent Gen. Charles Cornwallis from obtaining munitions took place along this road. Today West Main Street and part of University Avenue approximate the Three Notch’d Road’s original course through present-day Charlottesville.

Cross words are words said in anger or annoyment.  They are also a popular word game and are supposed to be a helpful way for people to exercise their brains.  They have become one of the newer categories on Wheel of Fortune, where contestants are given a category like snow and then have to guess words that are added to snow like snowflake or snowman or snowplow.

cross-redThe Red Cross is an international humanitarian organization tthat provides emergency assistance, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness education.

Cross pollinators, such as bees, wasps, and bats, are instrumental in maintaining our food supply.


Motocross is a form of off-road motorcycle racing held on enclosed off-road circuits.  BMX is bicycle motocross.

In a game such as BINGO or tic tac toe, you when when you get 5 (Bingo) or 3 (Tic Tac Toe) across.

A crossroad is where one road passes across another or  major decision point in your life.  Marriage or remaining single.  After high school graduation: college, the military, or a job.  To have children or not.  Move out or remain in your parents’ basement.

If you meet another person by circumstance, it can be called crossing paths.

A cross person is sometimes called a crosspatch.

According to Wikipedia, a cross sectional study is ‘In medical research and social science,  a type of observational study that analyzes data from a population, or a representative subset, at a specific point in time—that is, cross-sectional data.”

A cross section diagram  shows a slice or portion of a larger body–like the details of the eye or one of the systems in the body like the reproductive, digestive, or nervous.

Cross jokes:

Why did the chicken cross the road?  To get to the other side.

What do you call a sailor who has crossed the Atlantic twice without taking a bath?  Dirty double crosser.

What do you get when you cross a cow with a trampoline?  A milk shake.

Why didn’t the toilet paper cross the road? It got stuck in a crack



Brief Lesson on How to Speak Hoo


Living near Charlottesville, you become used the University of Virginia being the largest entity around. Sometimes it seems like UVA owns and operates C’ville for your cultural, economic, historic, academic, and athletic pleasure.

The ‘Hoos or Wahoos, as the Virginia students are also known, have their own vocabulary. I was reminded of this yesterday when I made the mistake of talking about the UVA campus, rather than calling it the Grounds.  At UVA, the students do not graduate, they take a degree at Final Exercises   Instead of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors they are first, second, third, and fourth year students.

The School of Engineering is the Tool School.  The School of Business is the Hook School.

Seniors who live on the lawn (an honor that requires an application process) are called Lawnies.  These seniors have a fireplace, sink, a single bed, desk, chair, and heat in their 19th century rooms.  Bathrooms (including toilets and showers) are a walk away.  Air conditioning is provided by opening the doors and windows.

Do I wish I had attended UVA??–yes, I do.  Hope to get an advanced degree here sometime, as soon as I can narrow down what I want it to be.

I’m sure there are other ‘Hoo-isms I am missing.

Poe room--UVA

If you know some, please comment about them so we can all expand our Hoo vocabulary.

Preposition Stranding

DrydenIf at sentence’s end, you’ve landed

And left a preposition stranded,

Do you know what rule you broke?

Do you know the name of the bloke?

All of the guys to blame and try then

The one at fault is England’s Dryden.

A dangling prep he is not for

It will cause him to deplore

How you write and what you say.

It’a haunted us to this very day.

A bigwig during the Restoration,

Jonathan Dryden used exhortation

To lament the dangling preposition

and it’s sentence end position.

preposition list










Genrefication–How Do You Label Things?

fiction genresI was familiar with the term Gentrification, the process of renovating or improving a house, district, or person so that it (they) adhere to middle class values.  Genrefication was new to me.  I first learned about in an ALA Connect blog post.

The term genrefication made its way into Urban Dictionary in 2008 and is defined as “the process or idea of classifying music, film, literature, or other such mediums into specific genres or categories.”

Some libraries are now genrefying their collections.  Usually this is for fiction books:  mysteries, romances, science fiction, maybe westerns.  Children’s books have long been separated from adult books.  Teen or YA is also a common designation.

Some of the Marine Corp Libraries are doing this, rather than using one of the standard classification systems like Library of Congress or Dewey Decimal, they are using a bookstore type classification.

One of the problems I have with bookstore classification is that it is not intuitive (at least to me).  Where do I find retirement books?  Are books on the Celts in religion, history of the country, or a travel book?  I have to ask a helpful (if I can find one) shop attendant.  In a library, I can at least look it up in the online catalog.  However, wild flowers are not in the same classification number as cultivated flowers–so even the classification systems can be arbitrary.

book store

I had always ‘assumed’ that when an author such as Danielle Steel moves from a genre best selling list to a fiction best selling list, the author has improved his/her position, potential readers, and money making ability.

Are labels the same as stereotypes in this PC society?

Word Musings II– An Occasional Constitutional


Is a computer virus a venereal disc-ease?

Is the charge of fake news a trumped up charge?

If you promised to uphold the constitution, that is not the same as putting yourself above it.

Is your Constitution robust enough to withstand the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune?

The difference between OUR constitution and YOUR constitution is Y.

Constitutional– relating to an established set of principles governing a state.

or relating to someone’s physical or mental condition.

R you a friend or a fiend?  There is more than a letter’s difference.

Do you care more about your capital or capital?  (Money or government?)

Capital is the most important city in an area, region, country, etc., and generally refers to a governmental seat. Capitol is building where legislators meet and have session. You can keep track of capitol vs. capital by visualizing the “O” in capitol as the top of a capitol buildings’ dome.

BREAKING DOWN ‘Capital‘ While money is used to purchase goods and services for consumption, capital is more durable and is used to generate wealth through investment. Examples of capital include automobiles, patents, software and brand names. All of these items are inputs that can be used to create wealth.

Capitals are also the DC hockey team who won the Stanley Cup this year.  Go Caps!

Caps logo