Library Carrels–2019,2–While Librarians Watched Their Desks by Day

This verse came from Denzil,  whose blog is Discover Belgium.   It’s a well-written blog with lots of tips on places to go and things to do.  Denzil takes the photographs as well as writes the blog.

librarian app

Librarians watched their books by day,
All seated round their desk.
A lender brought Jane Eyre back ripped,
They said “Oh that’s grotesque.”

Library Carrels 2019-1 God Rest Ye Weary Librarians

God rest ye weary librarians

Let nothing you dismay

Remember that the Library

Is closed on Christmas Day

To save you all from whiny patrons

Whose books have gone astray

Oh tidings of sadness and woe

sadness and woe

Oh tidings of sadness and woe.


In the book drop, near the door

Somebody left a book

It’s not checked-out, it is not ours

Was it taken by a crook?

I cannot find its library

So I’ll take another look

Oh tidings of searching for the source

for the source

Oh tidings of searching for the source

Writer House Bear

Writer House Bear


Sitting half in the shadows slumped on his shelf

The Writer House Bear smiles and thinks to himself

 The things I have seen and the things I have heard

Make the life of these wannabes seem quite absurd

They think they’re original but their thoughts are just pelf*


*pelf-money, especially when gained in a dishonest or dishonorable way.


Bathroom Signs IV

Baja Beach Cafe, Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA

Sign from  inside the Surfer Girl bathroom to Surfers who use the S’Girl room

Batroom--Baja Beach Cafe--in the ladies room.jpg

From the Barefoot Bar on Paradise Island in Mission Bay, San Diego where you can buy Swimmy Snacks to feed the fish and Quack Snacks to fed the ducks

Harry’s Coffee Shop has been an institution in La Jolla, CA since Harry relocated it from Brooklyn  in 1961.  Originally the Women’s room was inside the restaurant and the Men’s room was around back.  Now both (one-holers) are unisex.

China Chicano is a Peruvian-Asian fusion restaurant in the Penn Square section of Washington, DC.

Bathroom China Chilcano-leading into towards the bathrooms

Sign leading to the bathrooms at China Chilcano

Women’s and Men’s Room signs

Big Sam’s, a Dive Bar in Virginia Beach on Rudee’s Inlet

Old fashioned looking signs from the Depot Grill in Staunton, Virginia.  It matches the decor of this restaurant at the end of the old Train Station.

Bathroom--Depot Grill, Stuanton Virginia

Peter Chang’s Restaurant, Charlottesville, VA

Outhouses at the Greenwood Market along 250 in Greenwood, VA

Bathroom--Greenville Market.jpg

Heads are bathrooms on boats or ships.  This Head sign is from the William B. Tennyson, a 120  year old Bugeye that is run by the Calvert  Marine Museum in Solomons, MD.

bathroom--head of the William B. Tennyson

Willim B. Tennyson docked behind the Screwpile LIghthouse at the Calvert Marine Musuem.jpg

Palindrome Week

Thanks to Phlash Phelps on Sixties at Six for the idea.

What is a palindrome? According to The Oxford English Dictionary the word is based on Greek root words meaning “back” and “running.”

A palindrome is something that read the same either forwards or  backwards.  Palinderomes can be numbers or  letters.

This week the date is the same either forward of backwards (as long as you do not include punctuation.

  • 91519
  • 91619
  • 91619
  • 91619
  • 91819
  • 91919

One of the more famous word palindromes is

Madam, I’m Adam.

Kayak is a palindrome but canoe is not.

Bob is a palindrome but Bill is not.

Pup is a palindrome but kit is not.

Glenelg, MD is a town with a palindrome name.

Grammarly has a list of 16 funny palindromes.

A great bargain:

A nut for a jar of tuna.

A permissive friend:

Al lets Della call Ed “Stella.”

An Italian palindrome:

Amore, Roma.

Woud a pushmepullyou a graphical palinedrome?


pushmi-pullyu (plural pushmi-pullyus) A fictional animal with two heads at opposing ends of its body, in Hugh Lofting’s The Story of Doctor Dolittle. A person who behaves in a conflicting or contradictory manner.

What are some of your favorite palindromes?

Word Musings

Does WEird imply that most of us are a bit strange,  at least to somebody else?

The source and type of illumination can  change how we percieve the world and how the world percieves us.

Why do men (who would probably not routinely interupt another man) feel that interrupting a woman is perfectly acceptable?

Sufficient is in the eyes of the beholder.

Do you need chlorox to clean out your gene pool?

Does “This too shall pass” refer to bad luck, pain, the current politcal climate, or someone’s intestinal issues?

Bullshfting – Is that a change where you store your fertilizer?

A woman says something.  No response from any man.  Two-three minutes a man will repeat what she said as if if were an original thought of his.  Does it take a man that long to process the thought or that long for the sound ripples to lap against  his ear drum, resonate along the neurons, fire a few synapses and trigger the brain/tongue combo to function?