Reblog: Gaelic Words on Loan

st patricks dayHappy St. Patrick’s Day.  Scream like a banshee.  Celebrate but don’t become a hooligan or talk gobshite.  Put on your brogues and dance a jib.

Mental Floss shared “10 Gaelic loanwords to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.” Also, The Book of Kells, a medieval masterpiece and one of Ireland’s greatest treasures, is now digitized and available online.


A Palindromic Magic Square for the Year 2019

Although math is a language, it has never been one I am fluent in. This ‘magic’ square is never something I could come up with and it is interesting.

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2019 palinhdromic magic square.png

The above 4 × 4 magic square only has the digits 2, 0. 1, and 9 (from the year 2019) and as a bonus, the four digits in its upper-left section form “2019”. It has a magic sum of 132. This means the sums of the magic square’s columns, rows, and diagonals are all equal to 132. It is also a semi-pandiagonal magic square since it contains some of the features of a pandiagonal magic square, namely:

  • Partial Panmagic Square — The 2-2 broken diagonals (on both sides) of this magic square have a magic sum of 132 as well. For this to be a panmagic square, the 3-1 broken diagonals should also be equal to the magic sum, but unfortunately, this magic square does not have that property. From here on, note that the sum of the cells with identical background colors is equivalent to the magic sum, which…

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Not What It’s Cracked Up to Be

crack plumberAccording to a September 30, 2014 Cosmopolitan article by Charles Manning on “12 Types of Cleavage and They Say About You”  rear or butt cleavage

3. Butt Cleavage: You’re ambitious.
Yeah, your butt is showing. So what? You’re focused on what’s in front of you, not what’s behind you. Let ’em stare. You’re moving forward and all they can do is follow in your wake.

I went to the gym today and saw a lot of butt cleavage.  It ain’t purty.

On the butt-meter scale,

Nice firm, rounded butt in tight jeans – 5 points

Saggy or flat butt – 3 points

At least I know you wear underwear – 1 point

Hint of cleavage – 0 points

Hairless butt cleavage- minus 1 point

Hairy butt with clean cleavage –  minus 2 points

Hairy butt with embedded dirt (I hope that’s all it is) – minus 10 points.

Crack kills.

Butt crack disgusts.

Jokes cracked can entertain.

Farts cracked can empty a room.

He who flies upside down and crashes plane dies with crack-up.  (Fake Chinese cookie fortune.) crack pool guy--no cleavage

Valentine’s Day: Day of Love

If the whole world loves a lover

and all the the world’s a stage

Do we really like that actor

Who  does not act his age?

In tennis Love is nothing

A Love match has no score

What can tennis teach us

That we haven’t learned before?


L ive, love, learn, leave

O bserve, organize,  orchestrate

V olunteer, verify, (never) vilify

E ndeavor, enlighten, encourage



Bathroom Signs III

Cliff House Restaurant, San Francisco, CA.  Previous home of the Sutro Baths (1896-1966)  The ruins can still be seen near the Restaurant.   This is the picture for the unisex bathroom.  The female and male figures also separately decorate the door of the women’s and men’s room.

bathroom signs--cliffside restaurant-sutrow baths

Sutro Bath II  San Francisco, CA.JPG



How long the wait is depends upon how badly you need to go.

bathroom sign--long wait

Brasserie Saison, Downtown Mall, Charlottesville, VA

bathroom sign--unisex--saissons


Mudhouse Coffee, Crozet, Virginia



Unisex bathroom signs, Charlottesville area

bathroom--everyone else


Montpelier was the home of James and Dolly Madsion.  President Madison is called Father of the Constitution and Archtect of the Bill of Rights.  He was president during the War of 1812.  The British eluded the American troops, attacking and burning many buildings in Washington, DC including the White House.  Before the British arrived, Dolly saved many important painting and documents by putting them in a wagon and fleeing the capital before the  British arrived.  Montpelier is in Orange, Virginia along Route 20.  The Montpelier Train Station currently has an exhibition from the Jim Crow South (before desegration began in the 1950s and 60s.).. The following pictures are from that exhibit.

bathroom--montepelier trainin depot during segregation


bath montpelier train stations bathrooms