Attitude is Not a Platitude

attitude is everything.

On June 12, when I looked at my statistics, I realized I had published my 1,000th blog post.   I started on February 12, 2017 so it only took me three years and four months.

Quip–a witty remark. E-Quips (think e-book or email) is hopefully a witty blog.  Is it?

Since then, I’ve expanded what I write about and feel more comfortable taking a stand on some issues.  As a Libra, I try to look at both sides of an issue before making a final decision.

Blogging (almost) every day is a personal decision.  I am retired and usually have the time to write.  I don’t feel the need to be long-winded in order to get a point across.  I also feel that many people cover a topic with more eloquence or authority than I do and the librarian in me wants to share those writings with you.

So I’d like to share my gratitude
For those who like my attitude
This is real, not platitude
Though it might just be a pat-itude.

Punintendedly yours,


Aptitude and Attitude vs. Experience: Five Things to Look for

attitude is everything.When I went to vote this morning (it was a county/city primary), I met Asher. Asher runs the campaign of the  Democratic candidate for Commonwealth’s Attorney for Albemarle County, Jim Hingeley.  We were talking about what we looked for in volunteers.  We both agreed that aptitude and attitude can often count for more than experience.

She recently hired a woman who lived in Albemarle County and knew people all over the County, still wrote thank-you notes, and went out to talk to people about the candidate. Asher said “I can teach her what she needs to do her job, but I can’t teach her the connections she has or the follow-up she automatically does.”

“The highschool kids are solid gold.  Their enthusiasm and energy go a long way.”

When you are looking for a possible employee or volunteer, what they know may be important.  However, what they are willing to learn and do, may be even more important.   If they have the basic qualifications to do the job, consider:

  • Will they be a willing part of a team or do they need the spotlight?
  • If scut work is part of the job, are they willing to do their fair share?
  • Do they give as much as they take (lunch hours, prime vacation time, willingness to come in early or stay late)?
  • Do they feel like office supplies are part of the benefits package?
  • Are they enthusastic, energetic, and creative?