To be Nimble with Bimble

I learned a new word and found a new app after reading Easy Malc’s Top Ten Places to See In Torbay.

From his blog:

9. Broadsands to Elberry Cove

This easy walk is a delightful way to bimble along next to the sea for anyone who can’t, or doesn’t want to walk too far.

Although the word is accurately implied in the context of the sentence, I still looked it up.

bim·ble/ˈbimbəl/ Learn to pronounce informal•Britishverbverb: bimble; 3rd person present: bimbles; past tense: bimbled; past participle: bimbled; gerund or present participle: bimbling

  1. walk or travel at a leisurely pace.”on Sunday we bimbled around Spitalfields and Brick Lane”

nounnoun: bimble; plural noun: bimbles

  1. a leisurely walk or journey.”we were enjoying a pleasant bimble over the rocks”

Thanks to Google, I also found that is an app available for both Google and Android

I joined Bimble on line and have found it to be easy to use, with a comment block for your comments. You can make your Bimble records private or public.