Blog Themes DO Matter

blog themesWe each have our own theme preference.  Normally, I try not to judge someone’s blog theme,  however when:

  • Your graphics interfere with my ability to read the print of your blog post.  Splattering your portrait repeatedly is even more obnoxious than the selected graphics to highlight what you are writing about,  yet obscure the words you write.
  • Your blog automatically zooms to the top when I’m trying to read or write a comment.
  • Your blog will not allow me to go to the spot that the click here might indicate.

I have to really like your blog to want to bother with the inconvenience of navigating it .

Blog posts that are difficult to read or navigate are ranking up there with people who blog so frequently within a single day that they have become inadvertent spammers.

Please don’t be that person!