Where to find Free Ebooks

Even if you prefer a print book, there are times when an ebook may be just the very thing.  It  is dark, you have just finished the last print book you have with you, you want to check out a new author before committing to purchasing the book….

Check out this summary from the Consumer’s  Checkbook. https://www.checkbook.org/washington-area/eread-for-free/

Sources can include your local library, Project Gutenberg, and freebies from booksellers.


Read an E-Book Week

Ebook readers evolutionMarch 4-10 is 9th annual Read an E-Book Week.  (Thanks to Audrey Driscoll of Audrey Driscoll’s blog.)  This is a a good week to get free or discounted e-books from several sources, whether you are a Kindle, Nook, or some other platform e-book reader.

According to the Read an E-Book Week on Facebook. “Encourage ebook readers to patronize your favorite authors, and tell others about all the great things about ebooks! Rita Toews is the creator of Read an E-Book Week; Steven Lyle Jordan is a supporter and contributor to REBW.”

Smashword is one of several sites offering free or discounted e-books this week.  A Google search of Read an E-book week reveals that many authors are running promotions on their sites in honor of the week.

BookBub is another good place to get free/discounted prices on e-books.  (These discounts are more than just Read an E-book Week.  You get a daily email with dozens of titles based upon a profile you fill out when you join.)

FreeBooksy offers free Kindle Books.

The Balance shows how to get free Nook books.

Happy  e-Reading.