Flexible Flyer Sleds: From New Jersey

If you are a child of a certain age and live where you have access to snow, you  are probably familiar with a Flexible Flyer sled.  Probably the most famous Flexible Flyer was Rosebud, the mysterious sled in Citizen Kane.  Flexible Flyers also accompanied Richard Byrd on his 1928 expedition to the South Pole.

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Long before sleds were round, made of plastic and became a symbol of public disregard for private property in the mountains of Southern California last winter, sleds were made of wood and had two runners.

Atlas Obscura has written an interesting article on the Flexible Flyer Museum in Mooresetown, NJ.  flexible flyer--sam leeds inventorThe sled was invented in 1889 by Samuel Leeds Allen (right), a local farm and garden equipment manufacturer. Although Leeds was better known for his potato diggers and grass edgers, his desire to keep his factory workers employed during the winter gave him the idea to manufacture a winter product

His sled was flexible and steerable.

The museum is part of the Moorestown Library.