Five Gym-Related Signs You May Be a Geezer or Geezerette

  1. elder fitnessYou argue with your body that it really can do that 30 minutes on the reclining bike.  Your leg begins to mutter about 10 minutes in and by 20 minutes, it complains loudly that the effort is too much (even though you have not increased the resistance past level 1.)  It was able to do up to level 4 two days ago and it has not been injured or abused. You ignore the leg cramp and sigh heavily when the clock shows that 30 minutes have trickled away.
  2. Your body does not want to get down on the floor for stretches (and you don’t woman kneelingwant to let gravity help you get down there more swiftly.) You grab the exercise mat and lie it on the floor, staring at it resentfully.  You know all of the grumbling parts will feel better once they are stretched, but they show no interest in making that happen.  So you bend at the waist (fortunately the hamstrings still cooperate, even if the knees are sulky), touch the floor and walk them forward until you can drop your knees to the mat.  It ain’t purty, but it serves a need.
  3. A new body part joins in the argument about which part is aching the most.  Usually, it’s the knees that complain, but today the right hip feels entitled to join in.  Nothing makes it happy.  Talk about a whiner.
  4. Any piece of equipment in a pinch.  Once the stretches, leg lifts, and the world’sGlute Ham machine. briefest plank position hold have been accomplished, you have to stand back up.  Fortunately, you are next to the Glute Ham developer so it allows you to pull/push yourself up from a kneeling position.

5.  Doing the actual exercises is the easy part.  Getting situated in the machine and adjusting the seat and weight are the hard parts.  Getting out is almost as difficult as getting in.

hip abductor machine
This is one of the most difficult to navigate getting in and out.

Smart Phones and the Gym–Do’s and Dont’s

You might think people go to the gym to work out, improve their health, maybe even to socialize.  Nowadays, they seem to go to text, maybe catch up on a little email.  From college students to their grandparents, gym rats seem to spend more time on their apps than their abs.

Here is my short list of smart phone do’s and dont’s:

no cameras allowed in locker rooms

  1. No cameras in the locker room–ever.  Save your salacious picture taking for the privacy of wherever you call home.
  2. No texting or reading your email while taking a break from your exercises (when you  are sitting at the only leg press in the gym.)  There are couches and chairs near the check-in desk for that.  It’s bad enough to wait while someone finished their umpteenth set of reps.  We shouldn’t have to wait for you to  text too.
  3. Go outside if you have to take or make that phone call.  Between the sports and news pundits on the competing televisions, the music being blared for all to share, the thuds of free weights being dropped, and  every day conversations, gyms are already noisy phone and runner on a bench
  4.  Do listen to whatever type of music you enjoy on you smart phone play list, especially if you treat yourself (and the your temporary neighbors) to a good set of headphones or earbuds.
  5. Disconnect from your electronic life support for however long you are in the gym (the exception being Rule 4.


smart phone on an ellipticalI’ll  thank you the next time I see you at the gym.  (I’ll bet I won’t be the only one who appreciates what you are trying to do.)