We Work on a Haunted Ship, in a Haunted Library

midway-at-seaMidway Magic is the term for the spectacular success and luck that the USS Midway (CV-41) has had as both the longest serving aircraft carrier in the 20th century and the most successful ship museum in the United States (and maybe the world.)   The magic may also include a few ghosts.

USS Midway banner

The Library falls under the Curatorial Department.  Our boss,  Dave Hanson, is not only knowledgeable about World War II airplanes, http://www.daveswarbirds.com/,  but he is also interested in the paranormal.  His paranormal group discovered the Midway is home to more than one ghost.

Dave brought his paranormal group into the Library, and they determined that our ghost was named Monty. The ghost in the BOM theatre, who sits in the 3rd row, 3rd seat from the left, is named Jerome. At first we thought Monty might be making trips to the theatre, but the paranormal group determined it was a different ghost.

Nan and Maddy in the Monty Halloween shirt.
Nan and Maddy modeling the Monty ghost t -shirt.

Midway Maddy, Nan’s Emotional Support Animal, does not like Annex 2, where she senses Monty’s presence.

 When she was working on the inventory last month in Bay 2 of the library, I wasn’t happy. I don’t like Bay 2, because there is someone there that I don’t know. I had to watch Mom from the doorway to make sure she was okay.

Haunted Library T-shirts.png
Last year’s Halloween T-shirt . “I work in a Haunted Library”

This year’s Halloween T-Shirt was designed by Carl Snow, Scuttlebutt editor and library volunteer.  (Carl is the last one on the right in the second row, wearing  glasses in the picture above.) It features Monty, the library ghost reader.

2019 Midway Library Halloween shirt featuring Monty, the Library Ghost  reader.  S.jpg

The library has a second ghost, Chad. The library staff hoped that Chad did not get jealous of Monty for being this year’s t-shirt model.

From the Library Pass Down Log on 22 October.  … Dave reported that the overnight ghost event went very well and that more ghosts had been discovered on the ship including the library.  A ghost by the name of Chad is in Annex 2.  Served in the Navy in 1953.  There is a maelstrom of spiritual energy swirling around in Annex 2, more ghosts that can’t be identified.  Dave thinks maybe from the pent up feelings of the many crewmembers contained in the cruisebooks in that space.  Discovered elsewhere on the ship a woman ghost and a young girl ghost.

To read more about the Haunted Midway, check out Midway historian, Karl Zingheim, Karl’s Corner “Spirits of the Midway.

More on How to Talk ‘Hoo

jefferson-s-rotunda-14355760When first years (known as Freshmen at other colleges) first get to the Grounds ( called campus elsewhere), they have O-week, or a week of Orientation.  UVA has a tradition called Move-In Weekend where first years have   move-into-the-dorm appointments scattered over a few weekend days so that limited parking and drop-off spaces are not overwhelmed. The new UVA president, James E. Ryan, helped some of the first years move in.  Most of them had no idea who he was.

At 10 am on the day of home football games, More Than the Score is where UVA’s Lifetime Learning partners with the Alumni Association to have distinguished UVA faculty talk on a variety of topics from perennial favorite, Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball talk,  to lectures about college athletics, children’s memories of previous lives, and the evergreen topic of almost any thing, Thomas Jefferson.

Graduation is known as Final Exercises.  It is held over Saturday and Sunday because of the number of students and schools.

academical village historical

The Lawn is part of Jefferson’s original Academical Village.  It is a tiered green space with the Rotunda at it’s top and twenty-seven student rooms (total of fifty four), interspersed by  five pavillions (total of ten), along each side. Only seniors, selected by a committee composed of students and adminstrators, are allowed to live on the Lawn.  They must meet service and academic criteria to live on the Lawn.  The rooms are basic with a fireplace, sink, bed, desk, and chair.  Students have to walk to a communal bathroom to use a toilet or a shower.

academical village fall tree

Trick or Treating on the Lawn is one of the premiere events of the Lawn residents’ year.  It began over 30 years but has grown steadily in popularity and size.  Originally just the Lawn residents paying for and passing out Halloween candy to the University community has morphed into a much larger event.  The seniors on the Lawn are joined by graduate students who live in the Ranges (on the outer perimeter of the Academical Village)  and student service groups.  The local community is also invited to participate in the Halloween tradition.

Trick Treat on the Lawn 2018_Twitter