Over a Century Later, “Harlem Hellfighters” Are Official

From Stars and Stripes by Chad Garland, 1 Feb 2021

My friend, Da Blonde, shared this with me from the Ft Belvoir Retiree Council.

“They called themselves the “Black Rattlers” and the French dubbed them “Men of Bronze,” but the Army now officially recognizes a historic Harlem unit by what the enemy called them in World War I — the “Hellfighters.”

The “Harlem Hellfighters” is now the official special designation for the 369th Sustainment Brigade, the New York National Guard said Friday. The unit traces its lineage to the all-Black 369th Infantry Regiment, which earned the moniker over a century ago in fierce fighting that’s been credited with helping to break down racial barriers.

The regiment was the first unit of the American Expeditionary Force in World War I that allowed Blacks to serve.”

Read more to find out why they were not allowed to participate in the Rainbow Parade that was the send off for the 42nd Infantry Division