Rosie the RiveterDuring WWII, I can became We can as exhibited in the popular Rosie the Riveter poster. Seventy-five years later, as we mark the anniversary of VJ Day,  there is  not much we left–it got we-weed away.

The almIghty I has become I CAN do almost anything I want  whether it benefits me or anyone else.  Whether it’s


  • wearing a mask,
  • maintaining social distancing,
  • peaceful protest,
  • voting on legislation that may move this country forward

we have become so locked in our I Can isolation that we will harm ourselves, our country, and our future.

It takes us a while to get used to anything that might preclude us from doing what  we want, whenever we want:

  • Wearing seat belts
  • Smoking in restaurants, bars, grocery store check out lines, and on airlines
  • Wearing shoes and shirts in a restaurant
  • Giving everyone an equal opportunity to
    • vote,
    • apply for jobs and higher education
    • marry whoever we’d like
    • live wherever we can afford

But most of us get there eventually.