International Friendship Day-July 30

International Friendship Day seems like a good time to recognize the international friends we’ve made in the blogosphere.

Although we’ve never met
except in bits and bytes,
I feel we’ve met each other
in the blog posts  that we write

We sometimes bare our souls
and sometimes share the pain.
If it’s not a blog we care for
most  of us refrain
from acting like the trolls
who can drive us all insane.

I don’t have the memory or the capacity to recognize all of you who deserve mention (so if you are left off the list, please accept my apology)   Since this is International Friendship Day and I live in the United States, I hope my fellow Americans will not take umbrage at not being mentioned at this time.


Andrea  Stephenson (England) of Harvesting Hecate

Audrey Driscoll (Canada) of Audrey Driscoll’s Blog

Celia (Australia) of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

Denzil Walton (Belgium) of Discovering Belgium

Francisco Bravo Carera (Spain) of Art, Poetry and Music:  This is Valencia

Kally (Kuala Lumpur and Singapore) of Middle Me

Laleh Chini (Canada, originally Iran)  of A Voice from Iran

Luisa Zambrotta (Italy) of Words and  Music and Stories

Moyatori (Canada) of Moyatorium

Ortensia (Ireland and Italy) of Truly Madly Ordinary

Paul Vincent Cannon (Australia)  of  Paralax

Roy McCarthy (Jersey, Channel Islands) of Back on the Rock