Reblog of Hours in a Library by Derrick J. Night.

Derrick had me with the primary picture of three volumes called Hours in a Library.

During the night I began to realise that, although ‘Monkey’ by Wu Ch’eng En was snuggled up in the novels section of the library, there was no Gibbon among the shelves that I thought had been accurately filled yesterday. That meant that there had to be another History container somewhere among the 24 left to empty. This morning’s search demonstrated no such luck.

There were two.

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Reblog–11 Things I will Never, Ever Admit to a Librarian

Your librarian knows things that she will never share.  Some things she can figure out by what you check out– like who may be pregnant or starting menopause.  Who is planning a wedding or having company?  Who may be thinking about a vacation.  Other things she does not know, like who used a used condom as a bookmark.  (Yes, this disgusting thing has happened.)

Here is a reblog of what one mother will not tell her librarian.  What happens in the Children’s section  or to books from that section, remains a big secret.

21st Century Library in Australia

Celia of Fig Jam and Lime CordialCelia@Fig Jam and Lime Cordial writes a delightful blog about “living well in the urban village.”  From the about page, “My husband Pete and I live a blissful existence with our two sons in the Great Southern Land. For the past couple of years, we’ve been on a quest to make as much of our food as possible from scratch – something we refer to as “quasi-sustainability”. Whilst we’re not obsessive about it, we’re definitely enjoying the adventure!”

Celia’s latest post describes her recent venture to her local main library, Ashfield.  She is amazed at what she found.  (I have been a librarian for over 30 years and some of what she found is news to me too.)  Many of the resources are online and free.  (Note that free to patrons does not necessarily equate to free to the library.)  She even includes a yummy recipe for granola that she finds in an online cook book.

Ashfield Australia Library

Read her blog post, “Granola and 21st Century Public Libraries” and discover what may be waiting for you, at your local library.  (You will probably want to check out some of her other blog posts too.)

Join in the conversation and share what you find the most unusual or unexpected at your public library.