Reblog: Pacific Paratrooper Book Library – YTD

Pacific Paratrooper logo-the image of Everett Smith, GP's father.GP Cox is the owner of Pacific Paratrooper, a blog focusing on WWII in the Pacific.  The blog is in honor of his father, Everett Smith who served in the Pacific theater of operations.  GP  has an extensive personal library on World War II.  This includes some of the books of his via Pacific Paratrooper Book Library – YTD

Reblog of Pacific Paratrooper Book Library

For those of you haved not yet discovered GP Cox Pacific Paratrooper’s blog, you are in for a treat.  His blog focuses on Pacific War era information.   He does not focus on Pearl Harbor specifically ” I didn’t cover Pearl all that much, as it has been done by so many, and everyone has their own opinion on it.”

Since today is Pearl Harbor Day, I thought his blog about WWII in the Pacific would be a timely one to discover.  Here is a reblog of some of the sources he uses to write his blog articles.

via Pacific Paratrooper Book Library – YTD