Leaving a Footprint on the Sands of Time

I have never thought of myself as one who has left a permanent footprint in the sands of life, and it would be nice to know if I reached at least this one goal so that after I am gone, someone might look at that photograph and still say “wow”.–Rural Iowegian Mark Cooper ; MSgt/USAF Aka; The Rural Iowegian


Footsteps on La Jolla Shores Beach--Human and bird
Bird and Human footprints overlap at La Jolla Shores

I came to this blog via another post I read, “It’s about Living in the Present”.  The Rural Iowegian writes this as possibly his last post. He is celebrating his 63 birthday and has some ominous cancer probabilities.

Have you ever wondered if you will leave a footprint on the sands of time?  If you have children, you probably will leave some mark as least as long as you have descendants. It’s knowing what those descendants might do that can cause such a wrinkle in the science fiction world of Time Travel–what you change today will affect  the  future.

Most of us will not become famous, but we can make a difference.  Will it  be what we write, draw, or say?  Will we start a movement, set up a charity, change somebody’s life? It could be a smile at the right moment or a friendly greeting,  paying it forward at some restaurant, giving an extra generous tip, letting somebody else go first or merge into traffic.

two walking at sunset

We might like a Wow moment where someone remembers what we did that really impressed them;  we can always have a Now moment where we do something unexpected and practice Random Acts of Kindness.  Our Now moment could be somebody’s Wow moment because we gave them something neither of us realized at the time was needed.

Couple and dog walking at sunset


Putting the “I” in Random Acts of Kindness Week

Someone with a small cart of groceries saw me standing in line holding two items and told me I could step in front of him and checked out next.  On the way home, a driver paused her car so I could get out of the parking lot.  The whole day suddenly shone brighter even though it was overcast.

Random acts of kindness weekIt’s Random Acts of Kindness Week.   What can you do to put the “I” in Kindness?

  • Say a kind word to someone or at least smile.
  • Let someone cut in line (at a cashier, in a parking lot, merging onto a road).
  • Pay it forward and pick up the meal of someone behind you at  Starbucks or McDonald’s (or a place of your own choosing).
  • Buy an extra can of food (or two) for a local food bank or food drive.
  • Buy some Girl Scout cookies and pass them around.
  • Call or text someone (friend or family) you haven’t contacted in a while
  • Tell someone what you admire about them.
  • Pray for someone who needs it.
  • Offer to help someone carrying a heavy burden.
  • Take some time for yourself like meditation or a walk outside.
  • When you ask someone how they, really listen to the answer.