Why the Moon Gave Me a Smiley Face

It’s probably a once in a lifetime event but today I exceeded any expectations that I ever had about views.  It generated over 9,000 views but only 26 likes and 11 comments.

Smley FAce stats

I think people were hoping to actually see where and how they would find the smiley face moon which would have been caused by a crescent moon mouth with eyes by Jupiter and Venus.  Such a phenomenon is called an occultation.

smiley face moon

Unfortunately, the planets did not align correctly and were located in different parts of the heavens.

It might have been exactly what we needed to cheer us up during a pandemic.

What do you think?

Will there Be a Smiley Face Moon on May 16?

On May 7, I heard Phlash Phelps on Sirius  Sixties on 6 talk about Venus, Jupiter, and the crescent moon forming a smiley face in the night sky.   I have found Phlash to normally be correct when he shares tidbits of information with us so I was intrigued.

I was looking for a picture to see what this smiley face might look like.

smiley face moon

Were the heavens giving a pandemic weary Earth a reason to look up and smile back?

It’s claimed that on May 16, 2020, Venus, Jupiter and a crescent Moon will align and look like a smiling face looking down on us, that it’s a “quite a rare astronomical phenomenon” and that it’s called an occultation.

According to James Carter at Forbes, the planets are in different parts of the sky and will not be a position to form the predicted smiley face.  So this is fake news.