Sun’s Dance of the Veils

Sun glides downward,
Reflected by ocean,
Removing veil after veil.


Until nothing is left
But a green flash and



Thoughts at Sunset

Sail Bay 2.jpg

Birds become silent

Breezes cease  motion

As sun recedes into the ocean

Humans pause

And seem to forget

What they are doing to watch the sun set.

What do we stop

To watch this display

And mark the light’s passing at the end of the day?

Poem 3, April 3, 2019



Magical Words or Magical Worlds?

Harry Potter logoHarry Potter started as a book, became a movie, and now  how his own Wizarding World in both California and  Florida.  There are books, websites, and college classes that explore the concept of what Wizarding World of Harry PotterHarry Potter means.  He also has his own Pinterest pages, action figures, and other merchandise and social media tie-ins.  J.K. Rowling is richer than the Queen of England according to the Daily Mail.

Star Wars is now a multi-generational film franchise that has spun off books, comic books, action figures, lunch boxes, toys, and a YouTube animated series.  What is the meaning of The Force?


Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien preceded both Harry Potter and Star Wars.  They were best selling books years before the movie trilogies.  In the 60s it even spawned a Mad Magazine parody.

Witches.  Warlocks. Wizards.  Gnomes.  Trolls.  Elves.  Fairies.  Necromancers.  Supernatural beings.

Unicorns.  Dragons. Hippogriffs..  Supernatural animals

Incantations. Spells.  Supernatural words.

DSC01985Many people also find magic in the natural world–the boundless, restless ocean; soaring majestic mountains; cathedral-like quiet of sun-dappled forests; stalking, staring predators, fragile, fluttering butterflies; fleeting fragrant flowers

Sunrise and sunset bridge the gap between dawn and dusk, daytime and nighttime, this world and the next.

Magic is all around us.  Do we believe in it?  What do we consider magic?  Is it white magic or black magic?  Can anyone do it?  Are miracles magic?   Is science magic?  What about religion?

What does magic mean to you?  Join in the conversation and share whether you believe in magic, in nature, in yourself.  What is your favorite magical story?   Do words cast a spell or do you need to see the image?  What are your sacred places?  Do you like to be in them by yourself or with others?  If so, who?