Valentine’s Day: Day of Love

If the whole world loves a lover

and all the the world’s a stage

Do we really like that actor

Who  does not act his age?

In tennis Love is nothing

A Love match has no score

What can tennis teach us

That we haven’t learned before?


L ive, love, learn, leave

O bserve, organize,  orchestrate

V olunteer, verify, (never) vilify

E ndeavor, enlighten, encourage



How Do I Love Thee (Books)

Valentine’s Ode to My Favorite Books

valentine old book

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee from page first to page last
My soul will still love thee though time has past
For the plot of intrigue and endearing pace
I love thee to the level of every day’s
Most compelling need, to the author’s next book to read
Your siren’s call I will surely heed
I  love thee strongly as an addiction
To read thee is a cure for my affliction.                               valentine book with rose      
In my dotage and in my youth
Within your pages I find great truth
Whether in print, by audio, or online
I heed thy words in heart and mind.
And though I’ve read thee once before
We shall continue to meet many times more.