Reblog: Mission 62–Cards for our Elderly Veterans

From Janine Strange:

Earlier this week Claude Schmid, founder of Veteran’s Last Patrol reached out to me.  As many of you know their mission is to serve veterans by bringing new friendships, honor ceremonies, & emergency assistance while in hospice care.

Claude said that they are now averaging a veteran’s honor ceremony a week all over the country.  He said he would like to give a bunch of thank you cards to each veteran being honored. 

Here’s your mission!  Write out generic thank you cards to veterans and send them to Veteran’s Last Patrol. They will make bundles from the cards they receive and present them to our veterans. 

Use whatever you’d like:  thank you cards, scenic cards, postcards … or better yet… MAKE cards and write notes of gratitude. Keep in mind these are for are for elderly and/or ailing veterans.  Dear Veteran, Dear Hero as your salutation will work.  Have children, students, young artists?? ūüé® Get them involved!  Our veterans would love bright patriotic pictures, military branch logos, whatever they are inspired to create!  Do you manage a group of people at your company?  This is a meaningful office project too!

If you’re sending more than one card (which is encouraged) no need to send each one individually – send them all in one envelope/package.

Send them to: 

Veteran’s Last Patrol

140B Venture Blvd

Spartanburg, SC, 29306

ATTN: Honor Ceremony Cards

This is an evergreen mission. So send a bunch as soon as you can, but feel free to continue this project on your own and / or involve more people.

Watch this video to learn more about these honor ceremonies, and learn how you can help / participate if one is near you.

Janine’s Mission 46

Reblogged from National Anthem Girl

Some of you may recall Operation Holiday salute from last year – well you all did such an AMAZING job that Veteran’s Last Patrol decided to make this¬†annual effort!¬†

Teachers, managers, families, coaches, associations, companies…this is a GREAT group project.¬† There are veterans who are in hospice care confined due to social distancing that could use extra love this holiday season. Please take an hour or so out of your day to write to them.¬†¬†

Create your own cards, buy a batch of cards, send postcards…they will love it all!¬† You can also use the very same cards that I used during my 50 state journey.¬† Here is all the information you will need to participate:¬†

Patriotic citizens from around the country will join us in bringing some¬†holiday cheer to America‚Äôs veterans in hospice care. Last year we¬†received over 4000 cards from Americans that we then delivered to¬†veterans in nursing homes and hospices. The response was amazing. It¬†was a beautiful thing to see the ‚ÄúWOW‚ÄĚ in their eyes.¬† This year we again wish to receive cards and small gifts from grateful¬†patriots, folks with a family military connection, children, clubs,¬†schools, and other organizations that would like to help us express¬†gratitude one final time during the holiday season to those who have¬†served in our Armed Forces. We’re motivated to deliver as many Christmas & Holiday Greeting¬†Cards to veterans in hospice care around the country as we can.

To support us please mail your cards to:

Veteran Last Patrol
140B Venture Blvd
Spartanburg, SC, 29306
The salutation on the card itself should be: ‚ÄúDear Veteran‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúDear Hero‚ÄĚ We would like to receive all cards not later than DEC 7th.
Learn more about Veteran’s Last Patrol’s year-round efforts here.

Janine’s Mission 43– Veteran’s Last Patrol Volunteer

Art AlumA few missions back, we sent out cards to the vets that Veteran’s Last Patrol works with.¬† I recently learned that one of their volunteers could use some ‘get well’ messages from all of us. Here is what Veteran’s Last Patrol founder, Claude Schmid shared with me about Art Allum:

One of Last Patrol’s earliest volunteers, Art Allum, has been a rock and a gentleman. Art’s a submariner who did 20 years in the Navy. He visits veterans in hospice to provide that end-of-life friendship we’re all about. He’s also gone the extra mile to help at least one track down an important personal record. Beyond that, Art has made food can goods deliveries to veterans unable to leave their homes, he’s participated in numerous honor ceremonies, and has driven disabled, solitary veterans to medical appointments. (The last two have been over 100 miles away.)

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago Art went in for emergency heart surgery. His recovery was touch and go for a week, but now he’s roaring back. He’s already cutting his grass. And this afternoon he says to me on the phone: “Let me know what I can do to help. I’m ready.”

I highly doubt Mr. Allum would ever ask for praise or recognition – but that’s all the more of a reason to flood his mailbox with continued prayers for his full recovery and gratitude for his service. He is a great example of selfless service by his continued commitment to serve and support his fellow veterans.

Send your cards on or before August 19th to:

Veteran’s Last Patrol

attn: Art Allum

140B Venture Blvd.

Spartanburg, SC 29304