Writer–One Who Writes

Diary and penWriter–One who writes or is able to write.  It can also be one engaged in writing articles, books, stories (and blogs). An author or a journalist.

I submit that we are all writers (maybe more wannabes than published.).  You may be the only one who reads what you have written, but the key word is that it is STILL written.

I have once again turned to the brilliant Dr. Rolig Loon to turn these thoughts into Latin (so you know it is important.)

Well, the simple translation is probably best >>> “Scribo ergo sum”
Less prosiac but still metaphorical >>> “To write is to live” … “Ad scribendum sit vivere
More like ad copy? >>> “Give me a pen, I’m alive!” … “Da mi stylo, ego vivere
Or more pensive? >>> “What is life without writing?” … “Quid est vita sine scribo?
Or for a Rastafarian twist >>> “I am one with the word” … “Et ego unum verbum
Or for a touch of Louis XIV >>> “The word is me” … “Quod sit sermo me

From quill pens and parchment through typewriters to keyboards and bits, no matter what your preferred medium is, you ARE a Writer.