Feral Wind


La Jolla Seacave with pedestrian

The plauful breeze

Tossed birds into the air

To soar with the currents

Swoop with the downdrafts

Gliding and pirouetting

Between the cliffs of the cove and the point

Where the sea cave channeled the waves through the jutting land.

Pelicans resembling vintage airplanes

Tried to land with

Wings out stretched like flaps 

Feet down and extended like landing gear.

As the sun set

The feral wind pounced without warning

Clawing at the tablecloths set up for dinner

On the outdoor patio

Gas heaters no match for it’s cold fury.

Cloth napkins played keep away with the waiters

Who scurried from the restaurant

When they heard the sounds of

Tinkling glass breaking and

Tumbling silverware clanking.

Pedestrians shrank deeper into their hoodies

As the wind roared and pushed them up the hill faster

Beneath the cormorants, webbed feet locked,

On the swaying branches of the pine trees.

La Jolla Comorrants nesting in trees

11 thoughts on “Feral Wind”

  1. I enjoyed the imagery. It was comical at first as the wind was being playful, but turned to fury – a reminder of how the elements can take us by surprise.


    1. Thanks, I’m glad you liked the imagery too. I experienced it last Monday in La Jolla, CA near San Diego. I was surprised how quickly and strongly the wind changed from playful to purposeful.


  2. Thanks, Audrey. We spent a week in San Diego and there were days it was likely warmer in Virginia. The day we left, we had frost on the roof of the car. We were staying about 8-10 miles inland from the ocean. They have had over a foot of snow in the mountains to the east.


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