17 thoughts on “Merriam-Webster Words of Snow and Ice Quiz”

  1. I didn’t do all that well either, terrible in someone from Canada, who has read several books about the race to the South Pole and Arctic exploration. But I have to say I’ve never heard the term “slob” applied to snow, despite the suggestion that it’s a Canadian term.

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        1. Very plausible, Audrey. We have dozens of regional differences in the US. One of the most memorable is the Massachusettes idiom of calling good or welcome things, “Wicked”. That meal was wicked good as an example,

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  2. Argh. My kindle locked up.I took it a few days ago and got 5. Was trying to see if I retained anything but I’m busy and tired. I wasn’t doing well when my kindle locked up and I’m not going to try again. But I might look up the jack… Something dessert should I ever go north again

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