Reblog: Mission 62–Cards for our Elderly Veterans

From Janine Strange:

Earlier this week Claude Schmid, founder of Veteran’s Last Patrol reached out to me.  As many of you know their mission is to serve veterans by bringing new friendships, honor ceremonies, & emergency assistance while in hospice care.

Claude said that they are now averaging a veteran’s honor ceremony a week all over the country.  He said he would like to give a bunch of thank you cards to each veteran being honored. 

Here’s your mission!  Write out generic thank you cards to veterans and send them to Veteran’s Last Patrol. They will make bundles from the cards they receive and present them to our veterans. 

Use whatever you’d like:  thank you cards, scenic cards, postcards … or better yet… MAKE cards and write notes of gratitude. Keep in mind these are for are for elderly and/or ailing veterans.  Dear Veteran, Dear Hero as your salutation will work.  Have children, students, young artists?? 🎨 Get them involved!  Our veterans would love bright patriotic pictures, military branch logos, whatever they are inspired to create!  Do you manage a group of people at your company?  This is a meaningful office project too!

If you’re sending more than one card (which is encouraged) no need to send each one individually – send them all in one envelope/package.

Send them to: 

Veteran’s Last Patrol

140B Venture Blvd

Spartanburg, SC, 29306

ATTN: Honor Ceremony Cards

This is an evergreen mission. So send a bunch as soon as you can, but feel free to continue this project on your own and / or involve more people.

Watch this video to learn more about these honor ceremonies, and learn how you can help / participate if one is near you.

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