A (Self)-Educable Moment

I was getting my flu shot at a local pharmacy an tried to joke with the pharmacist giving me my shot .

“I’m being facetious when I say this, but this shot won’t turn me into a zombie, will it?”

His response wasn’t what I expected. “For some people, that is their belief system. You believe some things that you can not prove.”

“Sort of like religion,” I replied.

“I suppose,” he finished with a jab of the needle.

I had never thought about this as a belief system and I suppose for many people it is. America has a long history from the witch trials in Salem through the Scopes Monkey trials in 1925, where some people passionately believe in things that many do not.

Prior to today’s beliefs in the reality/unreality of the Coronavirus and whether or not Antifa caused many of the violent protests in the past year and a half, the one of the last times we had such with hunts was in the 1950s with Senator McCarthy and the Red Scare.

All of this as passed, until the next wave of hysteria arises. I hope that this wave subsides sooner rather than later.

20 thoughts on “A (Self)-Educable Moment”

  1. Belief is a strange phenomenon. How some folk believe that horse worming pills can protect you from COVID better than a vaccine is one of those strange beliefs I can’t get my head around.

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    1. So true, Denzil. There was a brief news story this morning with a woman who sells pet supplies and medicine. She had one elderly man come in to buy some ivermectin. He said his wife wanted him to buy some more because they had been taking it for the past few months. The woman asked him if he had had any side effects. He replied none, except being unable to see out of one eye after he took it. She is now requiring each purchaser to show a picture of them with their horse before being allowed to purchase it. People will not believe in the vaccine but they will believe in quack medicine.

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  2. Irrational beliefs are difficult to eradicate. Since they are not based on logical reasoning, it is difficult to fight them by trying to reason
    Furthermore, I am of the idea that if one wants to start a discussion with an unreasonable person, one has to go down to their level, and there they have years of practice.

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  3. Well Pat I must say that one day we might be surprised to find that the belief of the majority…supposing it is “scientific fact”…is wrong and that others who believed in things more simple and observable were right. But not when it comes to vaccines. I’ve no tolerance for anti-vaccers! Stupidity’s definitely something I do discriminate against…a good post to make one think…have a lovely evening (it is close to 9pm here). 😊

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    1. Buenos noches, Francisco. I have nothing against decisions based upon observation, but as you say, willful stupidity is something else. At least COVID is making their decision for many of them.

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