David Wyant–Farmer, Goat and Donkey Caretaker, Store Owner and

“Officiating is about the acceptance,” he said. “If you look like an official when you walk on the field, you’ve won by 75% of the acceptance level. Then there is only about 20% hustle and 5% rules.”–David Wyant

Winner of the 2021 Art McNally Award for his time as an NFL Referee.

From Wikipedia: The Art McNally Award is an annual award created in 2002 by the then National Football League (NFL) Commissioner, Paul Tagliabue, and given to an NFL game official who exhibits exemplary professionalism, leadership, and commitment to sportsmanship, on and off the field. This award is presented at the Pro Bowl.

Wyant, an official in the NFL from 1991 to 2013, wore the number 16 throughout his entire career. Wyant earned 17 postseason assignments in his career, including 5 Wild Card Playoffs, 9 Divisional Playoffs, 2 Conference Championships, and his final NFL game, Super Bowl XLVIII. He served as the side judge on crews led by referees Gerry Austin, Dale Hamer, Walt Coleman, Larry Nemmers, Tom White, Bernie Kukar, Ron Winter, and Jeff Triplette.

A chance meeting with David Wyant on Sunday, Feb 20, 2022

Some football memorabilia from inside Wyant’s store:

You can tell that David really loves his animals and that love is returned. Goats that previously had preferred food to being petted will tolerate (and even seemingly enjoy) a scratch or pet with David around. The donkeys acted less like bullies in his presence. Nanny follows him around like he is her personal bully savior (and perhaps he is).

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