What Would Hoover Think?: Another Attempt to Slow Down Enterprising Squirrels

Since we moved to Central Virginia,  we have had an ongoing struggle making our bird feeder more squirrel proof.  We are on our third feeder and the squirrels have outwitted us every step of the way.

Jean Marie Oliviere sent me a link to the Ninja Warrior  Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder.  Mark Rober put a lot of thought and effort into building his squirrel proof feeder and documenting the success or lack  thereof of his attempts.

If you enjoy watching cheeky tree rats  engage in a battle of wits with humans, then you will love the four squirrels in this Building A Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder.


8 thoughts on “What Would Hoover Think?: Another Attempt to Slow Down Enterprising Squirrels”

    1. Thanks. I took all of those with my cell phone. The squirrels do provide many entertaining moments. I just wish they would not pee on our windows, deck or porch furniture.


  1. Great catches with your phone camera, Pat. I rarely see a squirrel here, but used to love to watch them — and particularly the chipmunks (none at all here) in DC.
    Where there’s a bird feeder, a squirrel will find a way! Hugs on the wing.

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  2. Thanks, Teagan. In San Diego we had ground squirrels that we used to call Surfer Squirrels because they were in the beachside cliffs, but they are nowhere near as cute as gray squirrels or even the red squirrels we found near Monterey. Hugs back at you.

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