Reblog: Glossary of Different Parts of the Book

book bindingDo you know how to speak Book?  From Addendum through Quire to Vellum, learn the origins of parts of the book.  You probably know page and volume, but do you know colophon and skiver?


Reblog: 10 Fascinating Facts about Common Odors

books-oldMy favorite smell from this list is Biblichor.  ““Biblichor” refers to the smell of old books. It is actually a new word. Whether it will make it into the English language is only a matter of time. Old books don’t have a definite odor. Some smell like vanilla, coffee, chocolate, or other individual or combined substances. However, all the scents are called biblichor.” Read the blog to find out the other nine.

The Irascible Indie. Part 5, Confessions of a Non-Marketer

How much work do you want to do to be a self-publisher? Here is one more thing you need to at least consider…

Audrey Driscoll's Blog

The Irascible Indie is back! She’s emerged from her dark and dusty corner (coughing and sneezing), insisting she must opine on that perpetual bugbear: MARKETING

I’ve just reread four blog posts from 2015, written by my grumpy alter ego, the Irascible Indie. They are mild rants about various aspects of being a self-published (aka “indie”) author. I was actually quite impressed with how well-written readable they are. Anyone who’s interested can find them here:

And now, here are the Irascible One’s views on marketing…

Not a day passes without at least one blog post popping into my reader about marketing — lists of tips and tricks, how-to articles, and stern warnings that failure to market means failure as an author. Marketing is the bitter pill you must swallow after…

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An Innovative Way to Use Your Books to Create Art

There was a  bibliofile  who loved books and shoes

But she had so many books she did not know what to do.

Yad Vashem books burnt by the Nazi

This book owner has learned a creative way to use her books as art.

over the moon bookstore and galleryReblogged from the Book Candy section of Over the Moon Bookstore presents Shelf Awareness.:  My Modern Met showcased a book lover who “arranges her huge library of novels into imaginative scenes.”

The colorful pictures are incredible from a mermaid to ying/yang.


Book Art Book Displays by Elizabeth Sagan

Little Tree (Free) Library in Idaho

Little Free (Tree) LibraryOne of the latest Little Free Libraries is actually made from a tree stump in Idaho.   When the cottonwood tree started losing branches and the core was found to be rotten, the  approximately 110 year old tree had to be taken down.  The owners always wanted a Little Free Library and found an innovative way to create one.

For more details and pictures also click here.