Reblog: The Secret to Being Witty

When I read this article, I knew it succinctly justified why I write this blog. Nice of someone to figure that out for me.

” To Wit, to Woo” to paraphrase the owl

When icicles hang by the wall
And Dick the shepherd blows his nail
And Tom bears logs into the hall
And milk comes frozen home in pail,
When blood is nipp’d and ways be foul,
Then nightly sings the staring owl,
Tu-who, a merry note,
While greasy Joan doth keel the pot.

Love’s Labors Lost, Act V (Winter)

Reblog: Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a physical way to provide White Space for the Body.

From the post , “Every Yoga pose has a specific purpose and perspective. In Yoga, the intensity of the actions is felt inwards rather than outwards. That is why most Yoga classes start with slow movements. It’s like taking a moment from the busy/noisy world and pause to think before reacting.”

Reblog: The Return of LTjg Winky

Reblog from Vic Socotra’s website:

(Winky’s plush Philippine rattan cruisebox quarters have not survived the years since 1980, his last embarked and underway period on the Best Damn Carrier in the Fleet. For now, Ship’s Company personnel have reserved a special berthing arrangement in the legendary Ship’s Library in order for Winky to be rapidly accessible to answer emerging questions on efficient crisis operations in the Pacific, South China Sea and Indian Oceans).

With his escort, Pat Alderman, the trip from the Atlantic Seaboard was meticulously executed. They would both like to express their gratitude and thanks to the people who prepared a magnificent “welcome back” ceremony.

There was considerable buzz along the waterfront. Before he even came aboard, one of the safety team inquired if he was here, and took a pre-boarding picture to document the return.

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Pictures from Winky Enroute to California

Janine’s Mision 59: Special 65th Birthday for a Navy Vet

65th Birthday Cards and Prayers for Navy Vet
I received this note from Robert’s sister: I am writing to ask your support in celebrating my brother’s 65th birthday on October 5th. It is a very special birthday with family and friends. He is terminally ill with three different types of cancer and complications with side effects from the chemotherapy. This disease process has significant links to his Naval Service.  Robert Paul Kanzleiter served as leading Petty Officer, G Division, GMG2 on the USS Peterson DD 969 from 11/25/80 to 11/24/85. He was also Senior ASROC Guard along with the other hats aboard he wore while serving on the Peterson. Combat duty was in the Beirut Theater of Operations. He also belongs to that small group of sailors who earned the title “Blue Nose” while in the Arctic. Learn more about what it takes to earn a blue nose here. His passion for his years spent in the Navy is heard by many in the stories he shares about tours in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, shore visits and encounters at sea. Bob’s love of country and commitment to the crew and officers of the Peterson was the basis for serving with excellence.  He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, lymphoma, and leukemia 9 months ago. Research has indicated that the benzine derivatives used to maintain the ships guns had a significant role in his deteriorating health status. I will be sending them to him. His sister knows that the cards will arrive later than his birthday which is 10/5, but emphasized it is the thought and words in the cards that are more important. 
Please put your cards in the mail ASAP. I will send them out around October. 10th to ensure everyone has a chance to get their cards to me.  Here is the address: Janine Stange 3717 Boston Street ste 311 Baltimore, MD 21224 ATTN: Robert K. 

Le giornate di settembre

If you have ever basked in the sweet melancholy or is it melancholy sweetness of warm September Day with its flowers and meandering butterflies, this will pluck at your heart strings.

words and music and stories

Mi è sempre piaciuto settembre con le sue dolci giornate splendenti. Un mese pieno d’ uva, di mele, di fichi profumati e di amici ritrovati.
Regala languidi raggi di sole, dolci profumi inebrianti, rondini che fissano appuntamenti, foglie e farfalle vaganti prima di scegliere dove poggiarsi silenti.
Evoca una felicità sommessa e una dolce malinconia
… e anche il rimpianto di un’altra estate che scivola via.

September Days

I have always loved September with its sweet shining days. A month full of grapes, apples, fragrant figs and rediscovered friends.
It offers languid sunbeams, sweet intoxicating scents, swallows setting appointments, leaves and butterflies that wander before choosing where to rest silently.
It evokes subdued happiness and sweet melancholy
… as well as the regret of another summer that slips away.

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14 Wise Quotes From Jedi Master Yoda

Yoda is a master of many things, including a well-phrased quip.

On My RADAR by Dhananjay Parkhe º

14 Wise Quotes From Jedi Master Yoda

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Few movies, if any, have created as many iconic characters as theStar Warsfranchise, especially the original trilogy. Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca… the list goes on and on. Everyone has their favorite, but when it comes to classic lines, Jedi Master Yoda is arguably the most quotable character. The small, green character is wise, funny, and grouchy at times, and has a distinct way of speaking that turns even the simplest of phrases into a nugget of wisdom.

We never learn what species Yoda belongs to, but we do know that he is a legend in his own lifetime — averylong lifetime. Viewers first met him on the swamp planet of Dagobah inThe Empire Strikes Back. “For eight hundred years have I trained Jedi,”he tells Luke, and we realize that this funny little creature is in…

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Another Two Missions from Janine Stange

100th Birthday Cards for a WWII Vet and Welcome Home Cards for a Vietnam Vet
Janine’s Team Mission #58!
The summer has flown by – and it was filled with so many more missions than I had expected. Which is a good thing.  Thank you for responding so quickly! You are awesome! 
Thanks to all for sending cards to Joe Butkus (90) and Ed Hyatt (100), Pat Rudd (100) and Ann Nalley (100), and Robert Mintz (90)….also the super short-notice mission that I posted to my facebook for Denny Snow (70).   When missions are completed, the families usually send over pics of these veterans (with big smiles) holding all the cards they received ! I post the those pics on my facebook, instagram, and twitter– so make sure you’re following along on your favorite platform!  You can also scroll all the way down on this email to see recaps of recently completed missions if you don’t use social media.

…and now on to Mission 58.
We’ve got two veterans: Lawrence and Michael.  Lawrence is turning 100 and we are welcoming Michael home from Vietnam (50 years later).  Both cards need to be mailed on or before 9/23…so you only have to make one trip to the mailbox!  
Janine’s Team Mission #58 (vet 1: Lawrence)
Happy 100th Birthday, Lawrence! WWII Veteran Lawrence Decker from New Mexico is turning 100 on September 30th!! I received this note from Lawrence’s friend: Shortly after graduating from High School Lawrence was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1942. He served in the infantry in North Africa, France, Italy and Germany. After the war, Lawrence returned home to his family farm in Springer, NM where he continued to ranch and farm. Lawrence was also employed by the local school district as a School bus driver.  He will be turning 100 on September 30th and we’d love to present him with cards at his party! There will be a party at his senior center on the day of his birthday, so please send your cards by September 23rd. 
Lawrence Decker
POB 928
Springer, NM 87747Keep scrolling down for our second veteran….
Janine’s Team Mission #58 (vet 2: Michael)
Welcome Home, Michael! I received this note from Michael’s son:   I am reaching out to you to let you know about my father. He is a Vietnam Veteran. He served from 1970-1971. He was discharged on September 27th 1971 at Ft. Louis in Seattle Washington. He kissed the ground when he got off the plane. He was happy to be back home. Others however, were not so happy to see him. They spit at him and called him many names, names I am too much of a gentleman to repeat. He did not understand this, after all, he had been protecting their freedom. He was drafted and was only doing what his country asked of him. To serve in the United States Army in the 23rd Infantry Americal Division, an Artillery Gunman on a 155 cannon. From the time he was asked to served, he knew life would never be the same. I never got a chance to meet the man he was before he did his duty. I only know him after. I can tell you he is a proud veteran and if asked would do it all over again for God and Country. He wears a Vietnam Veteran hat everywhere he goes and has many of his brothers come up to him and welcome him home. I am proud of my father and the man he is. I am sure you have heard the phrase, “Though I have left Vietnam, Vietnam has not left me.” These last 50 years have had their share of challenges, struggles, many surgeries, and he is a Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Survivor. I do not know how he has done it. If I turn out to be 1/8th of the man he is, I will be doing good. MAIL YOUR CARDS TO:

Spec. 4 Bishop, Michael L12849 OakdaleSouthgate, MI 48195

Past Tense Verbs-Reblog

Your tenses may give you self-identified life stage away. Geezerette, hear I come.


Older people seem to have a knack for past tense verbs. I found that out first hand by listening to myself the last few years. I have been through the whole verb evolution thing and here are a few of my observations.

As children, we tend to speak more often in the future tense. We say:

I would like to go to school.
I would like to be old enough to buy gas for my own car.
I will go to college.
I want to be a teacher.
I will write a novel someday.

In mid-life, most of us use the present tense more. We say:

I am going to school.
I am buying gas for my car.
I am going to college.
I am a teacher.
I am writing a novel.

When we get to semi-geezerdom, we often start our sentences squarely in the past tense:


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Contronym: a word with two opposite meanings, e.g. sanction (which can mean both ‘a penalty for disobeying a law’ and ‘official permission or approval for an action’

If Elvis has left the building, how many people were left behind awaiting his return?

For this and 24 other contronyms, click here

I had to dust all of the pixie dust that Tinkerbell had left behind.

She had to buckle down with her cleaning by buckling her knees to scrub the floor

I hid behind the screen to screen all of the applications waiting for an audition

August’s Shakespeare-Themed Reading Challenge: What Bill Taught Me

Priscilla is the mistress of both the horror and book review genres (if book reviews rate as a genre).

Priscilla Bettis, Author

I participated in the “All the World’s a Page” Shakespeare-themed reading challenge and learned four writing concepts I can apply to my own stories.

BAND OF BROTHERS. Read a book with multiple points of view or an ensemble cast.
I read The Faulkes Chronicles by David Huddle. I learned that a plural first person narrator works if you treat the collective “we” as a real character with a backstory and goals and obstacles. A “we” character in one of my stories would probably be a school of piranhas with genetically enhanced ESP abilities, but I digress.

THE FOOL WITH ALL THE WISDOM. Take a chance on a book you’re unsure about.
I read The Weight of Their Souls , a sword-and-sorcery novella by Deby Fredericks. By delving into a genre I was unsure about, I learned that the disguise a character chooses to wear is a clever way for the…

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Emojis: Are We Ruining The Essence of Being Human?

Do you think that emojis are taking the place of written words? Read 14 year old Bookworm’s take on the topic. IKR?


Roughly two million years before, humans lived in caves, spoken language was being developed and communication was largely through symbols and pictures.

Roughly two million years later, humans live in apartments, spoken language is developed, but they still communicate largely through symbols and pictures!

The Flying McCoys Comic Strip, September 01, 2014 on | Funny  cartoons, Tech humor, Technology humor
Poor Joke?

Sometimes I wonder if I am destroying what our ancestors developed over so many years when I send an occasional smiley face to my friends. Language. The essence of being human. The only line of demarcation between us and other animals is our knowledge. Language holds quite an important position at it.

I am quite sure great authors such as Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, and Agatha Christie will be really disgusted, and upset about this whole yellow-colored-expressive-heads business. Today’s generation lacks the skill of weaving their emotions through words. We just get a thumbs-up emoji instead of real appreciation, laughing emojis instead of humor.

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Recopied from a Facebook post on Cancer Awareness Month

From the American Association for Cancer Research


Cervical Cancer Awareness Month


National Cancer Prevention Month

Gallbladder and Bile Duct Cancer Awareness Month


Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Kidney Cancer Awareness Month

Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month


Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month

Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month

Testicular Cancer Awareness Month


National Cancer Research Month

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

Brain Cancer Awareness Month

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month


National Cancer Survivor Month


Sarcoma and Bone Cancer Awareness Month



Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

Uterine Cancer Awareness Month


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Liver Cancer Awareness Month


Carcinoid Cancer Awareness Month

Gastric Cancer Awareness Month

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month


From the Facebook Page:

After chemo (and immunotherapy) treatment, it’s true that it can take years until you feel alive again … With the side effects of chemo and radiation, you will never be 100% again because your immune system is weak. Ruins marriages, families and relationships with friends. Because you’re not the same again after cancer and treatments.In the hardest moments you know who your real friends are or who the people are who appreciate you.Unfortunately, like with most friendships, Facebook friends will leave you in the middle of a story. They want a post to ′′like′′ for the story, but they don’t really read your message when they see it is long.More than half have stopped reading. Someone may have already gone to the next post in their newsfeed.I have decided to publish this post in support of close family, friends and relatives who have fought this horrible disease.Now I’m focusing on those who take the time to read this post to the end … a little test, just to see who reads and who shares without reading.Cancer is a very aggressive and destructive enemy of our bodies.Even after treatment, the body is devastated. It’s a very long process.I would like to know who I can count on and who takes the time to read this.When you have finished this, write ′′Done′′ in the comments.Sadly, cancer is still the illness of the century. Unlike others, this little petition will not have the effect of removing friends from my list. As I have a personal interest in the effects of cancer, I want to see who reads and who shares without reading! If you’ve read everything, select ′′Like′′ so I can put a thank you on your profile. I know 97% of you won’t broadcast it but my friends will be the 3% who will. Please, in honour of someone who died, or who is battling cancer. Everyone says, ′′If you need anything, don’t hesitate: I’ll be there for you.′′ So I’m going to make a bet, without being pessimistic: I know my family and friends will put it on their wall. You just have to copy (not share)!!! It’s awareness month for this disease. I did it for someone very very special! We all know someone who stood before us, and who has fought or who is fighting this battle. #CancerAwarenessMonth. Shirl Smith, Christopher French, and William Fitch Jr

Reblog: Janine’s Mission 55

Happy 90th Birthday, Joe!
I know I usually say that missions are sent out about once a month, but it’s a busy summer of milestone birthdays – and I know you all can handle it! 🙂 ☀️🇺🇸🌼 Thanks to all who have been sending cards to Ed Hyatt (mission 54) – our WWII / Korean War veteran who celebrates his 100th Birthday on August 7th.  If you missed that email – and want to participate, all info is here.  Once his family sends photos from the party I will share them!  Now here is mission 55:   Korean War Veteran Joe Butkus  has a BIG birthday coming up … and YOU are invited to send him a card!  His family is having a party for him on August 16th, and they will give him all the cards on that day. So depending where you are in the country, try to get your cards in the mail before August 12th.  About Joe:   Joe is a master wood worker, mechanic and all around good guy. He served in Korea, as part of the 84th Engineer Construction Battalion. He worked on the Libby Bridge. It was noted for being the only permanent concrete bridge built during the winter during wartime. It’s known as an outstanding feat under adverse conditions. The bridge is named after Sgt George D. Libby , the first Medal of Honor recipient of the Korean War.  Joe is a proud veteran and still attends his reunions every year.  His whole family is involved in helping vets and families in need.  In fact, they participated in last year’s Holiday Salute Card drive for veterans in hospice care. MAIL YOUR CARDS TO:
Joe Butkus
c/o Mary Ellen Hart
1868 North Benson Rd
Fairfield, Ct. 06824 Please send your cards by August 12th.  Just like all missions, don’t keep this to yourself!! Know of students, friends, family, neighbors, co-workers who you think would like to participate? Share away! Let’s flood his day with gratitude and love and make this his best year yet!  

Reblog: California’s Early June Heatwave Cooked Coastal Mussels in Place

I prefer my mussels cooked in a garlic broth in a restaurant but…

Bodega Marine Reserve research coordinator Jackie Sones has worked in or walked on the rocky shores of the North Coast almost every day for the last 15 years. But while she was surveying the reserve for sea stars in mid-June, she saw something new: strips of bleached algae draped across the rocks, like frost, and a swath of dead mussels, hundreds or maybe thousands of them, black shells agape, orange tissue shining in the sun, stretching across 500 feet of rocky tidepools. 

“It’s one of the first things you see, coming down the rocks into the middle of the intertidal zone,” she said. “They were very visibly dead.”

In all her time in Bodega Bay, she wrote in her blog The Natural History of Bodega Head, she’d never seen a mussel die-off that size, or affecting so many individual mussels. 

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“Mussels” by Steve Parker is licensed under CC BY 2.0