Wikipedia Day

Have you ever used Wikipedia and wondered how it got to be where it is. Read this to learn more

words and music and stories

Thank you Wikipedia❣️

Today we celebrate Wikipedia‘s birthday, born from an idea of the entrepreneur Jimmy Wales and the philosopher Larry Sanger
It was launched on 15 January 2001, as a development of another encyclopedia project called Nupedia.

Wikipedia is a free multilingual online encyclopedia that includes all forms of knowledge and makes them accessible to all.
Written and supported by a community of volunteer contributors, it uses a software known as wiki that facilitates the creation and development of articles.
The main aspect of the wiki (Hawaiian term which means “fast”) is to facilitate the creation and modification of a page, allowing hyperlinks to other pages.
It relies only on user donations, it has no advertising or cookies to resell data.
Contributors, known as “Wikipedians”, after registering with a nickname and a password , can edit any content, with the possibility of reviewing it and discussing…

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29 thoughts on “Wikipedia Day”

  1. The concept of Wikipedia is fantastic, but as you and Francesc both rightly say, it also has consequences. That said, I’m happy to donate a contribution every now and then, but for me personally I cross-reference many different publications for accurate information when it’s important to do so because Wikipedia can’t be relied upon. It’s the same for so many media platforms these days though isn’t it?

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    1. I donate to them occasionally also, Malc. Cross-referencing is a good thing–quite librarian-like. 😉 Wikipedia may not be as bad as just a Google search since many people take the results at face value with no discernment of who publishes the site or why the site is in existence. Most probably do not even notice the small Ad indicator by a result.

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          1. I consider WordPress and our community as a virtual sitting room in which to chat about everything, and the opportunity to exchange opinions is one of its great and pleasant advantages🌹❣️🌹

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  2. Are you referring to people who would not notice the difference between a body part and a hole in the ground? Or are you saying people observe more than we give them credit for or was it a librarian crack? Now you’ve got me curious.

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