Remember the Fallen

Remember the fallen
this Memorial Day
Bow you heads
and simply pray
that a better world
may come tomorrow
that does not require
this death and sorrow.

They were young
and full of hope
before lying here
on this grassy slope
Dreams and ambitions
with a limitless sky
undone when
it was their time to die

Did you know that Confederate grave markers are pointed while Union grave markers are rounded?

The tops of these markers were pointed, to make the Confederate graves stand out from Union ones (not, as legend would have it so that Northerners would not sit on them and desecrate them).

From the UVA Cemetary in Charlottesville, VA. The grave marker on the left is an actual Confederate marker, the grave marker on the right is not the size to be a Union grave marker, but it does show the correct shape. Both markers would be the same size if they were actual Civil War grave markers. A government-issued headstone today is still that same size and shape.

27 thoughts on “Remember the Fallen”

    1. Thanks, Audrey. The shape of Union vs Confederate graves would be more of a US thing. Since our Memorial Day originated after the Civil War, I thought it would be an appropriate bit of trivia.

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        1. You have been a wonderful blogging colleague and friend. Thanks for your continual support and appreciation. You make me blush and feel very lucky to have such a person in my life.

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  1. I was hoping you would like it, GP Perfect GIF (why am I not even surprised). Please read the second blog post I just reblogged from a retired naval intel officer. He is a wonderful writer. Now off you read your blog.


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