Water for Tea

I like coffee but am essentially a coffee wuss. I get the Blonde Coffee at Starbucks to put it in some perspective.

French press coffee usually reminds me of waste water. If the coffee is strong enough to take the enamel off of your teeth or so dark that cream and sugar can not touch it , then I usually order hot tea.

Most restaurants are much more likely to offer you a refill on coffee than they are to remember that you had asked for more hot water so you can make a second cup of tea.

If they are reluctant to provide additional hot water, why do they bring you a single, undersized tiny pitcher of hot water that will not fill your mug.

This is the how full the tiny metal pitcher of hot water was able to fill my mug. I could have used the tea bag again but nobody asked me if I wanted anymore water. Would a larger metal pitcher be too much to hope for?

The coffee and tea cost the same price

To receive the same cupful would also be nice.

14 thoughts on “Water for Tea”

  1. I am far from being a connoisseur, but the high points of my days (especially during CoVid season) often involve a good cup of coffee or tea. The excellent coffee shop I visit every day roasts its own beans and always has a fresh pot. Refills are 75 cents, not free. I pay it gladly when I’m in the mood. They also offer tea, from high-end but generic tea bags. Refills of hot water free. I don’t buy their tea or anyone else’s. I brew my own, properly, from loose tea, and I can refill as often as I like.

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  2. In my experience, if you want properly brewed tea, you do it yourself at home. If a serious tea drinker ever finds a restaurant or other venue that does tea well, they should consider themselves lucky and support that place. And extra hot water for tea should be free.

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