Library Days to Celebrate in April

school library monthApril is School Library Month. School Library Month is the American Association of School Librarians’ celebration of school librarians and school libraries. Every April school librarians are encouraged to host activities to help their school and local community celebrate the essential role that strong school libraries play in transforming learning.

School closures have made celebrating School Library Month a virtual experience.  Things that school librarians may have been doing include:

  • Helping teachers prepare syllabi
  • Providing as many online resources as possible
  • Networking with public libraries to share resources and inform their students on what is available to them
  • Hosting  a virtual story hour or providing a recommended reading list
  • Encouraging their students to use the library when school resumes

April is also National Poetry Month.  I’ve been writing and publishing a poem a day–sowriting-in-greece far I’ve got poems for the first half of the month.  How can you celebrate National Poetry Month?

April 10 was  National Sibling Day.  Some siblings have co-written books; others have written books independently.  Famous writing siblings include the Bronte sisters and Jacob and Wilhlem Grimm  of Grimm’s Fairy Tails.  Pauline Esther Friedman and Esther Pauline Friedman (also known as Dear Abby and Ann Landers) were famous identical twins and advice columnists.

Bronte sisters as painted by their brother

National Library Week

is April 19-25.
The theme for National Library Week (NLW) 2020, “Find your place at the library,” was chosen before the emergence of the global pandemic. To acknowledge our altered landscape, ALA flipped the script a bit on the theme. “Find the library at your place” highlights how libraries are offering virtual services and digital content their communities need now more than ever.

national library workers dayNational Library Workers Day is April 21.

National Library Workers Day was first celebrated in 2004.  It was started as a way to raise support for better benefits and salaries at a time when they had been stagnant for years. National Library Workers Day Continues to promote increased benefits and wages for the services provided by library workers every day.

The month ends with Preservation Week, April 28-May 2.
preservation week 2020

Do you know about the Library of Congress’s Veteran’s History Project?

The Veterans History Project of the American Folklife Center collects, preserves, and makes accessible the personal accounts of American war veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of war.

When I volunteered at the University City Branch of the San Diego Public Library, I got to interview several people for the Veteran’s History Project. My practice interview was with my own husband. I also got to interview veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and cold war veterans. It was a fascinating experience.

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